Tonight You Won't Be Able To Speak-What Will You Say Today?

by GregP_WN

Cancer Leaves A Mark

Every type of cancer leaves a mark of some kind on the patient, their family, and their friends. Some are very noticeable scars, loss of body parts, disfigurement, while others are internal that are not seen and most know nothing about. Loss of your voice in a matter of hours is a life changing event. 

Cancer Leaves A Mark, Scars Do Not Form On The Dying

Loss of your voice in a matter of hours is a life changing event. You are rolled into the operating room able to talk to the doctors and nurses, then when you come out you cannot speak.

Think with me for a minute, what if you knew that tonight you wouldn't be able to talk anymore? What would you say today, and to whom?

Consider your immediate family. I love you should be a common thing said and heard in your home every day. But in some homes that doesn't exist. You could lose the opportunity to say I Love You to whoever you would want to say it to at the flash of light, so we better be doing it now, every day.

When you find yourself unable to speak when you have always been someone to be involved in the conversation it makes you feel like you're really not even here. You want to say something at different points of the conversation, but when you open your mouth and nothing comes out you feel like you're not there.

Cancer Leaves A Mark, Behind Every Scar Is A Story

Learning to talk using the electrolarynx is cumbersome, I often just write down on a board what I want to say and show it. That doesn't exactly make for easy conversation flow. So I have to sit and listen most of the time. It's frustrating. I know as I heal it will get better and people will be able to understand my more and some of these feelings of being isolated will go away. But for now it's heartbreaking to not be able to do what most of us take for granted every day. 

Are your parents still alive? Is there anything you have always wanted to ask them? Do it now, what if tonight you couldn't do it?

Brothers and sisters? Do they know what they mean to you? Drop by, or call them up and tell them. Don't text, there's plenty of time to text after you're in this position of not being able to talk. 

Do you have children? Surely they know how you feel about them, but are you sure you have told them everything you would want to? How about life advice to help them through their life. What would that conversation be? Are there any bits of wisdom you would like to leave them? You might record it now to be seen/heard later.

Oral Electrolarynx

Have you considered that at a moment's notice, you could be voiceless and people would not be able to hear your voice for the rest of your life as it sounds now? What would you do today if you knew that would happen tomorrow, next month, or next year?

I don't know how to advise a person that would be getting ready to go through this other than have conversations, lots of them, with lots of people, before you find yourself in the middle of a group of people, or in your own living room with your lovely wife, but still feeling alone. When I open my mouth nothing comes out, no air, no words, nothing. It's a strange sensation. 

The ability to speak is like the ability to breathe, most of us just take it for granted. So use your voice whether it's for speaking in front of groups, or just to your partner. Speak, say what you want to, don't wait until tomorrow, because we know what Garth's song says, "If Tomorrow Never Comes". 

You have a voice.....use it!

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