What is Your Personal "Word of the Year"?

by GregP_WN

For all of us cancer patients, we have certain things that immediately send us back to a spot in treatments, or sitting in the exam room when you got the news about having cancer. There are other things like songs that will spark a memory and give you a flashback to sitting in the chemo chair or you might go back to being half naked sitting on the side of a bed, wearing nothing but a paper gown, in the holding area getting ready to go back to surgery.

Word Of The Year

But what about a word? After everything you have gone through this year in dealing with cancer, can you melt the past year down into one word?

All of the dictionary companies have recently put out their own "word of the year". So we wanted to know what resonates with you? Is there a word that when you hear it you get flashbacks? We asked this question of the WhatNext Community and got some interesting results. Take a look at what they said.

I will start this thing off, my word of the year is hyphenated "side-effects". I am 9 years out from my last treatment and most things are good, but every day there is something to fight. Can't swallow, choking, monitoring the blood flow in my carotid artery that was damaged by the radiation treatments. Or the random pains that pop up with no reason or indication why or where they are coming from. 

These are some "words of the year" listed by my fellow WhatNexters.

"Buckhunter," said, "mine is obviously cancer and it came along with two other words: You and Have."

"cllinda"- "Mine is gratitude. I'm so happy and thankful that my stomach issues are gone and I can take care of my precious granddaughter. For this, I have much gratitude!"

lh25 - "Mine is persistence. I am working to keep going to get my strength back up and be as much myself as I can."


"dollymama" - I will say "Burns" I have been burned so badly this year by the radiation treatments that I now have scars on my skin. Hopefully, they will heal completely and not be as noticeable. But every morning when I wake and look in the mirror, I see "BURNS".

"Bonecrusher" - I will go with PAIN. Every day I have something that hurts. Mostly bone pain, which they tell me is hard to control. So I've hurt more this year than I have the rest of my life.

"LiveWithCancer" - My word is "blessed" because I am so incredibly blessed this year. I celebrated my 5-year mark since diagnosis (was supposed to live 4 months), had that magical 100th infusion of immunotherapy, had a big ol' tumor in my neck eradicated, and am looking forward to 2018. I am very fortunate ... blessed.

"WendyShores" - Optimism. I stay optimistic regardless of how I am feeling. I WILL beat this again!

"Created07" - HOPE


What would you say is your "word of the year" that would put the past year into a nutshell of one word? Add your word to the list by commenting below. Also, please share using the share buttons below, we appreciate your support!

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