What Would Your "Farewell Note" Say?

by GregP_WN

Four months ago, a new app was launched called MyFarewellNote – it’s an app that allows people to leave messages for friends, family and loved ones, should the worst happen. Individuals can leave messages as just a typed message, photos, audio or videos or a combination of all four. 

My Farewell Note App

Some people might say why is there a need for this app but when you consider how many tragic events occur around the world on a daily basis, we believe that it is vitally important that individuals leave messages for friends, family, and loved ones so that if the worst were to happen, they would at the very least be leaving a treasured gift that would be read, listened to or watched, when they probably need that comfort the most.

We’ve seen two stories recently in the news which have gone viral around the world, that help to explain what it means to receive something from a loved one. The first was Bailey Sellers whose Dad knew he was dying and arranged for flowers to be sent to his daughter on her birthday, every year until she was 21. The second was Holly Butcher who also knew she was dying and wrote a letter to her family and loved ones. The myfarewellnote app isn’t just about people who sadly know that their time is limited. It’s for anyone and everyone as nobody really knows what tomorrow might bring – just ask the relatives of the victims of the Twin Towers disaster. For all of us, dying is an inevitability so we believe that anyone can and should be able to create a note, whenever they want.

The idea is the brainchild of Steve McIlroy, who is an ex-serviceman who came up with the idea for the app after two tragic events in his life. Firstly, Steve is a former soldier who during his 9 years in the armed forces, saw 18 of his colleagues die in active service. Then after leaving the army, Steve’s best friend in life, died from a tragic and very sudden brain hemorrhage. In both cases, none of the people who sadly passed away had the chance to leave messages for their friends and loved ones and Steve always wondered what any of them might have said to him, had they had that opportunity. This prompted Steve to create myfarewellnote.

My Farewell Note App

It’s very early days for our app but our message has already reached all four corners of the globe. We have celebrity followers from the United States to Britain and Australia. We believe it is the most treasured gift you could ever leave someone. If anyone wants to know more, please contact us at enquiries@myfarewellnote.com and we’d be delighted to help you.

Take a look at the video below for an idea why you might want to leave a note. 

Tell us what you think, have you considered leaving a note in the event that you pass, whether it be expectedly or unexpectedly? Who would you leave a note for? Join the discussion about this on WhatNext here.

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