WhatNext Ultimate Chemo Playlist Vol. 2

by GregP_WN


 When you hear a song it takes you back to where you were when it first came out. Some songs take you to good times, others take you to bad times. Music inspires, soothes, invigorates and can just get under your skin in ways indescribable. Listening to music helps pass the time, and can s  oothe the nerves and calm you down to make treatment go easier. Here is another installment of our WhatNext Ultimate Chemo Playlist. Share your favorite tunes for getting you through treatment, or cancer in general by commenting below, and they'll make it on to one of our future playlists.

We asked our WhatNexter's what gets them through their Chemo sessions, or through the day on those days that are not going well. These are some of their picks.

  1.  Toes in the Water, Zac Brown Band
  2. Stronger, Kelly Clarkson
  3. I Will Trust You, Steven Curtis Chapman
  4. Calling All Angels, Train
  5. Stand, Rascal Flatts
  6. When They Come For You, Linkin Park
  7. How Do You Like Me Now, Toby Keith
  8. I'm Gonna Love You Through It, Martina McBride
  9. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes, Paul Simon
  10. There Goes My Hero, Foo Fighters

Tell us how music helps you make it through your Cancer Journey with a comment below.

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