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by GregP_WN

WhatNexter Dan Dickinson "Dan7264" is giving back to others fighting cancer and going through chemo treatments at the facility he was treated at. He came up with an idea to go sit with some of the patients while they are having treatments, which is great in itself, but Dan kicks it up a notch by taking some custom made shirts for chemo patients with some funny, witty and edgy quotes on them. He might even be carrying a box of doughnuts. 

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Dan says that his purpose in doing this is not to draw attention to himself, but rather, to let those people know that are just starting down this road with cancer, that they are not alone. That someone else out there understands, and that he may only be one person, for a couple hours during chemo day, but he is there for them. Judging by the looks on the faces of those he sits with, he is greatly appreciated!

Dan was recently surprised by the Fox Television Station (WDAF) in Kansas City with their "Pay it Forward" award. He was nominated by Ray Lindsey. Take a look at the video from Fox WDAF. Dan said "It's a hard time, so just to be able to sit with people who are going through the very same thing and just help them talk it through," Dickinson said. "Sometimes you don't have answers, sometimes all you can do is listen."

Dan Dickinson Play

Part of the award that Fox4 gives the recipients of their Pay it Forward award is a $300.00 cash prize. Dan has taken that money and ordered more shirts for those he sits with at the KU Cancer Center. He also started a GoFundMe page to raise more money for more shirts, doughnuts and other things that he can use to make the day in the chair, a little more bearable for those he sits with. You can help him continue to give shirts and hope, by clicking on the GoFundMe link and donate a few dollars. 

Way to go Dan! We applaud what you are doing and thank you for giving back to cancer patients that are just starting down this road. 

Dan And Fellow Cancer Patient

Dan is a survivor of Stage IV NHL (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma) and is currently in remission. You can view his complete journey at WhatNext 

In explaining why he feels the need to help others, Dan he told me, "Survivors of cancer have a Super Power. I want to encourage other survivors to go back to their treatment centers if they will allow it and share their stories of surviving cancer. Take two dozen donuts and walk around and distribute them. Take some time to sit down with the cancer fighters there and listen to them, encourage them and leave them with the hope that there is life on the other side of cancer."

"When this encouragement comes from another cancer survivor it has more power than with it comes from someone who has not experienced cancer. Somehow a cancer survivor's word to someone in treatment has more value and I encourage other survivors to use that power to encourage others. It's what you are doing Greg with What Next."

So this link is not about me, but about the power we have as cancer survivors to encourage those still "in the chair".

Dan7264 Remission

Dan wants all of us fellow survivors to encourage the survivors not to turn their back and walk away from some of the darkest days in their cancer journey which was time sitting in the chair helplessly getting treatment. The challenge to them is to go back into the treatment center, face their memories of their darkest days and to point someone still in the fight toward the light that there is a life on the other side of this.

Dan says,"Of course, you and I know some of them in the fight will not get to see a life on the other side of cancer. But we don't know who they are and it's not up to us to determine who we think that will be. But it is up to us to help others along in the unique way that only a cancer survivor can do."

Giving someone a funny chemo shirt and maybe a doughnut and some company for a few hours may seem like a simple, insignificant thing to most people, but I guarantee you the people sitting in the chair don't think so! 

You can donate to Dan's cause and help him keep helping other chemo patients by donating to his GoFundMe Page. 

What have you done to give back, to help someone else walk this road? Please comment below and let us know. 

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