Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

by GregP_WN

You have probably heard this question at some point in your life. Especially if you've lived in the business world for many years, applied for a job at certain companies, been up for a promotion, etc. someone has probably asked you this at some point in your life. 

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Your Answer Will Be Dependent On Your Current Situation. 

What was your answer? What would your answer be 5 years from that point? What would your answer be today? It changes all the time, right?

If you start on the day you first got your first job, then advance 5 years at a time, theoretically, you would have 4 sections of your life to answer this question about. 

To start with to answer so it would help you get that job, you might give some answer that makes you look optimistically, successful in their company. 

For me, it was in the insurance business. I was asked that question. At the time, I just wanted a job, I didn't care what it was, I would have taken just about anything at the time that might have been offered. So, it seems like I remember saying that I hoped to be able to do the job well enough to excel and be an asset to the company. 

I must have given a good enough answer at the time, since I was given the opportunity to fill an open slot at an insurance agency, despite my limited amount of experience. 

A cancer patient's answer might be " I'm hoping to have some good results from my latest scans so I can plan for the next 5 years". 

I was fortunate enough to have been good enough at that job to not only be successful enough to stay in it, but to advance up the ladder and achieve several awards and promotions. 

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At the time, not a single time did I mention anything about hoping that me and my family's health stayed good, I didn't have my first encounter with cancer until I had been in the business for 8 years, so being young and feeling invincible, I'm sure I didn't think anything was going to bother me. 

The answer you come up with for this question will be determined by goals. Goals, goals, goals, everything you do in the business world is going to be related to goals. Even if you're just on of the lowest positions, you will be told you have to have goals. Daily goals, weekly, monthly, annual, and even 5 year goals.

A typical cancer patient's Honest answer, "Not on chemo, not driving to the radiation clinic every day for treatment, not having to deal with side effects every day. Not taking a handful of medicine every morning for treating your cancer, and then a handful of medicine at night to fight off the side effects of the morning meds. 

After you have been in business or working for a company for 5 years, then you should have a pretty good answer up your sleeve for that question should it happen to come up again. Your answer will evolve right along with you as you evolve as a person, employee, business owner, partner, does as you move through life. 

At this point your answer to the question might start to include something about hoping that you continue to be healthy enough to do your job and be the family provider. Those goals for wanting to be the head of the department, or tops in the sales ranking, or more, aren't much good if you are not capable of doing the job. If you can't get out of the house and drive to work, you have a problem. 

A typical cancer patent's answer at this point might be "I've finished my treatments, I am only on maintenance drugs now for the next 5 years so I'll be watching those tests to be sure I'm still on the right road and able to continue to do my best at my job". 

For me, after having survived cancer twice after only 10 years in business with this one company my health took a serious dip while fighting cancer. I had been in bad enough shape to not be able to go to work for days at a time. Once spending  over a week in the hospital. Fortunately my employer was open enough to allow me the time off to get treatments, surgery or whatever was needed. 

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

10 years in, you would theoretically be halfway through your working career, if you're working towards that goal of put in 20 and retire. If you are lucky enough to go through life and dodge all of the potential health issues that anyone could come up with, you are very lucky. Not many of us can make it through without developing some major health issue. 

So now you're at the 15 year mark and someone asks you, where do you see yourself in 5 years, what's the answer going to be? When you get advanced in any kind of chronic health condition for this many years you are likely getting some advanced problems. If I had to answer that question at the 15 year point, I would have to say that the first thing I look at will be my health. I hope to still be able to perform my duties, but I have to be healthy enough to be able to eo all of that which comes with the jobs. 

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Many times it would depend on the day that you ask me, sometimes the answer will be "I'm just trying to make it till Saturday" what are your goals?

I have reached what's considered late term cancer. My goals for 5 years are simple, to still be hear in a reasonable condition to be able to enjoy life. Without the ability to enjoy life and be able to be somewhat normal I'm not interested. I have had a good run at it for 60 years, if that's all I have in the tank, I'm OK with that. 

So ask yourself, where do you see yourself in 5 years? And think about it for a minute or two, and to make it a little challenging, ask yourself about different time points in your life. It's amazing how things change about what you think is important in your life, at different points in time. 

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