You “App-solutely” Need These Cancer Apps

by GregP_WN

We’re living in the New Age here, folks. And you know what that means: technology isn’t any further away than our fingertips. We could argue over the pros and cons of instantaneous equipment, but we’re going to focus on the pros—on the fact there are actually helpful apps that can walk you through your journey with cancer:

Google Maps
Find a Health Center—This handy app is especially appealing for those with a travel bug, or those who travel frequently for work or other commitments. The app shows you any health centers located within your area or within a certain number of miles of the area you’re presently in. Users are able to enter an address, place, or allow the app to locate where you are. In a pinch, it can guide you to federally-funded health centers to treat you if you’re without health insurance.

Rethink Breast Cancer App

Rethink Breast Cancer—Ladies, I think you’ll enjoy this one. In the busy, busy lives we live, we’re often distracted from important health matters like regular mammograms. However, this app is going to make sure you never forget… in a steamy sort of way. The app shoots you a “man-reminder.” Now, you may be asking: What exactly is a man-reminder? “Man-reminder” (noun): a virtual, attractive man who reminds you to “show your breasts some TLC,” meaning to regularly check them for any oddities. Or, if you know a friend or family member who needs a reminder to get checked, send them a “man-o-gram”—a personalized message from an attractive man that clues them in to breast health. Genius, ay? 

Cancer.Net App—This is pretty nifty. This app allows users to keep track of any questions they have for their doctors by allowing them to record voice answers of their doctor answering their questions. It’s an app that includes information on 120 different kinds of cancer, and its services include ways to save information on prescribed medications, including labels and photos of bottles. includes a symptom tracker, which allows users to document the severity of a symptom and its side effects. It’s cool, we know. 

Cancer Guide And Tracker App

Cancer Guide and Tracker App—The app claims to be a “revolutionary step” to improve the quality of patient care by granting access to relevant treatment information—what to expect, what questions to ask, and what resources to connect with. Basically, it’s an app to inform you, to guide you through important matters that affect your health and life. By downloading this app, you can keep up with your appointments, create a “journal,” and add in important contacts and diagnosis information. You know, just in case you need them!

Do you know of any other "Cancer Apps"? Share them in the comments below.

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