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    By: University of Illinois at Chicago From: newswise.com A new type of breast cancer drug developed by researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago can help halt progression of disease and is not toxic, according to phase 1 clinical trials. The drug is specifically designed for women whose cancer has stopped responding to hormone therapy. The results are published in the journal Breast ...
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      I read a variant on that in a medical-news digest I subscribe to. Basically, there's a (fairly) recently-discovered gene mutation (not currently part of the standard genetic-mutations panel) that in some ER+ women enables tumor cells to make their own estrogen, thereby both making an end-run around receptors blocked by tamoxifen and rendering aromatase inhibitors irrelevant. Earliest reports about this involved first in vitro and then mice studies. Stay tuned. (UIC is also where I'm being treated for ocular melanoma, and where my husband did both his Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology fellowship--small world).

      Caveat is that a Phase I human trial is small-scale and tests only for safety. Phase II is for efficacy and is also relatively small. Phase III is the big enchilada: large (usually tens of thousands) and double-blinded (placebo-controlled), which tests both safety and efficacy. So should your ER+ metastasize, don't rush to your MO and demand the drug: you'll likely still get Ibrance, Verzenio or older-generation secondary-treatement drugs for now. From Phase I to the end of Phase III (unless response & safety is so overwhelming that trials are stopped for "compassionate use" because it would be unconscionable to keep anyone on placebo), when FDA approves a drug and it is released usually takes several years.

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