Courage with Brenda Snow

Episode 1:

Nancy's Battle with Breast Cancer

In the premiere episode of the web series, Courage with Brenda Snow, health advocate Brenda Snow has an intimate and candid discussion with Nancy Kimerly about her turbulent journey with breast cancer. One minute Nancy was blazing a trail for women in the aerospace industry, and the next she was given a breast cancer diagnosis over the phone. Her entire world collapsed from under her.

Listen to Brenda, who draws perspective from her own journey living with multiple sclerosis, and Nancy talk in frank terms about the realities of cancer, and the sweet victories that come with being your own advocate and fighting for your life. Listen as Nancy describes the many ways she answered the question “What next?” and how she used her candor and sense of humor to fight back. Nancy’s story is that of an ordinary person going through extraordinary circumstances while unlocking her inner courage in the process.

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    • SteveLane's Avatar

      Thank-you Brenda for producing All these type cancer videos (not just Multiple Myeloma which you & What Next support whole heartily as well) as this is not the only cancer running in my family as I am sure many others have to deal with more than one at a time within all our relatives lives sometimes. It's good to learn about these & how people such as this heroic man has done for his type & did for Our Country too ! Great video(s) & See You & Your GREAT STAFF at Snow Companies with Millennium in October !!

      almost 7 years ago
    • ivyJ's Avatar

      Thank you Brenda. I'm in 4th stage inoperable cancer. I have lately been through the Anger stage; stages coined my Kubler-Ross. No one understands and I was told my grandson, harshley, "Stop being angry grandma, who gave you the green light on anger?" I was so hurt that I cried. You videos might help someone else to not harshly criticize the terminally ill. thanks again.

      about 6 years ago