Redefining Sexuality with Breast Cancer

Redefining Sexuality with Breast Cancer

The best advice for women with breast cancer is to try and learn to accept your new body. Many women struggle with body images even before breast cancer, but it is possible to experience a satisfying sexual relationship even before you’ve come to a complete acceptance of the changes in your body.

However, experts generally agree that a positive body image helps healing. One technique to foster this is the “mirror therapy:” Stand in front of a mirror and focus on the things you love about yourself. Learn to appreciate the body that survived cancer and its treatment.

Explore ways to bring out your sexuality. Do the things that make you feel fun, flirty and sexy. This could be objects or activities, such as dancing, wearing something beautiful (how about fancy lingerie or nightwear?), dim lighting, or communicating with your partner.

Not all intimacy requires sex. Intimacy must be nurtured and communicating with your partner is one method of restoring intimacy and sensuality in the relationship. Marriage challenges can arise from the changes in sexuality in a relationship, so be verbal and nonverbal when communicating your needs.

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