About WhatNext

How we began

Back in 2007, after spending months helping various family members and friends navigate cancer, David Wasilewski noticed that it was hard for families to make decisions – because they lacked perspective and were overwhelmed with the amount of information on the Internet. So he set out to build WhatNext.

WhatNext is a growing online support network of people and organizations striving to provide you with instant access to highly relevant peers, perspectives and recommendations, expert opinions and resources – based on your specific situation.

Our breakthrough technology

David Wasilewski, along with Dan Pickett, WhatNext Chief Technology Officer, created these two breakthrough technologies that make WhatNext so useful and unique:

  • A patent pending approach to sharing one's cancer journey that allows WhatNext to collect experiential data from thousands of members and use that information to make recommendations to other members, giving them insights about what they might expect on their journey.
  • A proprietary matching algorithm that connects members to highly relevant peers and resources based on their specific diagnoses and needs.

WhatNext.com’s technology works hard to make it easier for those living with cancer to connect with the peers, insights and resources they need – when they need it.

WhatNext is new

WhatNext is new – and we aren’t perfect. As we grow and continue to find better ways to serve you, we are going to make adjustments. Please bear with us as we work to figure out the best ways to serve those in need.

We can’t do it alone

Because the power of the network is based purely on the willingness of others to share what they have learned along their cancer journey and to help others on a similar path, we need your help. The more you share, the richer in information the WhatNext network will be... and the more people it can help.