1. almost 2 years ago
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    God is out to get me

    my pastor and I had a arguement about the old testament and i happened to disagree with him . He... Read More

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    • Aby
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    about 5 years ago
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    How can i live little bit longer than 5 years?

    I am writing on behalf of my children. Yesterday (06/04/2014) my doctor told me that i have a... Read More

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    • momsmonk
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    almost 6 years ago
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    Chemo and Yuck?

    Would like to know if there is anything I can eat that will taste normal? Im having a difficult... Read More

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  2. 11 months ago
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    Can't breathe

    Ever since they infused 5.8 fluid from beside my lung I have trouble,breathing no trouble before... Read More

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  3. almost 6 years ago
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    pain is so bad I pray to die

    how can you fight when the will to live is gone due to the pain.already take enough drugs to mak... Read More

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  4. about 6 years ago
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    did you get any scans from your doctor

    I went 12 years to my x cancer doctor and never recieved any scans untill cancer had spread all ... Read More

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    • connie1947
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    about 6 years ago
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    I am going to die soon the Doctors can not help me I have cancer in multipal areas of my body a... Read More

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  5. about 5 years ago
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    should I have my hip replaced

    I have stage4 breast cancer that has went into my lungs and bones. now I am to have my hip repla... Read More

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    • bever
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    almost 5 years ago
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    Hey !! Everything went well on MONDAY , Aug 25, 2014 @ 12;00 noon , the success of the remval was 100%.

    This was the scarest day of my LIFE even though it was stage 0 , but cancer is cancer and i don'... Read More

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    • nesgain
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    almost 6 years ago
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    Hello Fellow whatsNexters My Husband jus finished radiation treatment and is extremely tired and has no strength

    is this normal , He has 30to 40% heart fraction , also my Father and brother was diagnosed with... Read More

    12 Answers - Answer -
    • PKay
    • Question about Adenoid Cystic (Adenocyst...
    3 months ago
  6. over 5 years ago
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