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The term "cancer" can be divided into hundreds of types of cancers, and further sub-types. This page is the starting point for cancer. Please look to the left of the page and select the type of cancer you are looking for. Also, please complete your diagnosis profile on your homepage so you will show in the correct cancer type.

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Non-Small Cell, Lung ...
    about 3 hours ago
    • CancerNews
    • Question about Acute Basophilic Le...
    about 4 hours ago
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    Today is National Doctor's Day - Who is your favorite doctor(s)?

    Please post the name of your favorites. We all have some.

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    • GregP_WN
    • Question about Hodgkin Disease
    about 11 hours ago
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    Are you craving something from a restaurant somewhere after being cooped up at home?

    I know Donna and I are looking at every food commercial on TV and craving everything. Ms. Jane h... Read More

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