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Intrahepatic, Bile Duct Cancer Questions

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    • Lcho
    • Question about Intrahepatic, Bile Duct C...
    about 1 month ago
    Lcho's Avatar

    My partner just started showing signs of jaundice.

    She has no itchi g or nausea but I do wonder where we are in the process. She just started chemo.

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    • Lcho
    • Question about Intrahepatic, Bile Duct C...
    2 months ago
    Lcho's Avatar


    Does the side effects from the chemotherapy get worse as the cycles go on?

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    • ShannonB
    • Question about Intrahepatic, Bile Du...
    almost 4 years ago
    ShannonB's Avatar

    Does anyone else with bile duct cancer have a constant cough?

    I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in June and have had a constant cough for nine months, des... Read More

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