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    • Heidimt
    • Question about Adenocarcinoma, Esopha...
    8 days ago
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    VA and Esophagus Cancer

    Has anyone filed a VA claim for EC?

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    • samaus68
    • Question about Esophagus (Esophageal...
    8 days ago
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    Excessive sticky mucus production post esophagectomy

    Hi. I'm trying to find some help for my dad who had an esophagectomy in September of last year. ... Read More

    4 Answers - Answer -
    • chiefomni
    • Question about Adenocarcinoma, Esop...
    13 days ago
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    Esophageal Cancer You Tube Channel

    The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF) has formed a You Tube channel about esophageal... Read More

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