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  1. over 1 year ago
    Newby2Cancer's Avatar

    A woman said to me, " you are so blessed" you should thank god.

    This was said after explaining why my face looks like I was hit by a truck, and my hair is start... Read More

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  2. over 1 year ago
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    Do you feel like just skipping the holidays and starting over on Jan 2?

    I'm just not feeling it, I don't want to hear any stupid Christmas Carols and don't feel like be... Read More

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  3. over 1 year ago
    Newby2Cancer's Avatar

    "Pot Doesn’t Cure Cancer and Stop Saying It Does, FDA Says" - Have you ever heard anyone say that pot CURES cancer?

    Apparently, the FDA is getting ticked off about people saying it does: Marijuana doesn’t cure... Read More

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