Living with Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer

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Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer Questions

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    • dutchsgirl
    • Question about Squamous Cell Carci...
    5 months ago
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    Hardening of tissue

    My father's lower face and neck area are hardening after radiation. (he finished 3 weeks ago) W... Read More

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  1. 5 months ago
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    what to make me comfortable in chemo

    what should i bring to chemo?

    11 Answers - Answer -
    • JSL520
    • Question about Squamous Cell Carcinoma...
    7 months ago
    JSL520's Avatar

    Needing a little input from others....

    I've done my best to convince Daddy to get a new doctor - after other people on here have respon... Read More

    16 Answers - Answer -