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  1. 20 days ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    How many scans can our body take in a lifetime? When is it too many?

    I have been through several MRIs, cat scans, pet scans, Xrays, a bone scan, and more. Where is t... Read More

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  2. about 1 month ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Has anyone had blood clots in their legs after or during treatments?

    I know one sign is pain where it might be. I have a sharp pain behind my knee. Next doctor's vis... Read More

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  3. 3 months ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Do you stay at home more now? Did your diagnosis cause you to not want to be out in large crowds?

    Since my diagnosis, I just have a fear of being out in large groups. I'm getting ready to watch ... Read More

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