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  1. 18 days ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Do you stay at home more now? Did your diagnosis cause you to not want to be out in large crowds?

    Since my diagnosis, I just have a fear of being out in large groups. I'm getting ready to watch ... Read More

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  2. about 1 month ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Have any of you had any "ambulance chaser" attorneys call you about your cancer diagnosis?

    I see all of these adds on tv about if you were diagnosed with this type or that type and used X... Read More

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  3. 2 months ago
    CancerChicky's Avatar

    Just a curiosity, where were you and what were you doing when you got the news that yes, you have cancer?

    I was at work, on the floor with probably 50 other people when I took the call, I lost it. Peopl... Read More

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