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    • kalindria
    • Question about Fallopian Tube Cancer
    3 months ago
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    Doxil and Resulting Dry Skin Issues

    They said my Doxil chemo (in conjunction with Carboplatin) could possibly lead to extremely dry ... Read More

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    • kalindria
    • Question about Fallopian Tube Cancer
    5 months ago
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    Find a Clinical Trial - Vanderbilt Launches New Search Tool

    My Cancer Genome (MCG), a web-based cancer information tool developed by Vanderbilt-Ingram Cance... Read More

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    • Pambsky
    • Question about Fallopian Tube Cancer
    12 months ago
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    FL Financial Help Question

    I have a friend with stage 3 lympedema who lives in FL and is unable to afford the weekly treatm... Read More

    8 Answers - Answer -