Living with Skin Cancer - Non-Melanoma

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed of all cancers. There are two main types of non-melanoma skin cancer: Basal cell skin cancer forms in the deeper basal cell layer of the skin and is more common; squamous cell skin cancer forms in the flat squamous cells that are found more superficially in the skin. These cancers are most common in sun-exposed areas of the skin. Symptoms of non-melanoma skin cancer can include abnormal spots on the skin which may be shiny or scaly, and may be different in color than the surrounding skin. They may bleed easily or even cause pain. Non-melanoma skin cancer is most often treated with surgery or other local therapy, but radiation therapy, targeted therapy, and/or systemic chemotherapy can also be used. The survival rate for non-melanoma skin cancer is excellent but can vary depending on stage of diagnosis, type of treatment, and other factors.

For more information on non-melanoma skin cancer, read the American Cancer Society's Basal and Squamous Cell Skin Cancer Detailed Guide.

If you have been affected by non-melanoma skin cancer, please be sure to take some time to read others' experiences, share your own experiences, and ask or answer questions.

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