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    • CHANCE24
    • Question about Seminoma, Testicular ...
    about 1 month ago
    CHANCE24's Avatar

    how long will my recovery last been two weeks sense I finished treatments

    still have shakes food taste bad no energy or will power to do much ! Waiting for next cat scan

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    • prabu
    • Question about Classical Seminoma, Test...
    6 months ago
    prabu's Avatar

    Mediastinal Seminoma

    Hi my name is Prabu, I was diagnosed with mediastinal seminoma last year. I finished my chemo an... Read More

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    • amontoya
    • Question about Classical Seminoma, T...
    over 1 year ago
    amontoya's Avatar

    He is cured.

    Wow! I heard he is 100% cancer free. It still breaks my heart every day when I think of him. ... Read More

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