1. over 3 years ago
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    A woman said to me, " you are so blessed" you should thank god.

    This was said after explaining why my face looks like I was hit by a truck, and my hair is start... Read More

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    • Sues61
    • Question about Intraocular Melanoma (a...
    about 7 years ago
  2. almost 4 years ago
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    Since your diagnosis do you find yourself being afraid of everything in life that "might" go wrong?

    ARe you afraid to take a trip, go to a concert, travel overseas, ride a motorcycle, or do some e... Read More

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    • hosley
    • Question about Intraocular Melanoma (a...
    over 5 years ago
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    Please offer suggestions for: Dealing with Depression and approaching Blindness

    1 year and still no sign of additional cancer-YEAH! Now, my remaining eye is slowly failing - n... Read More

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  3. almost 4 years ago
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    "Pot Doesn’t Cure Cancer and Stop Saying It Does, FDA Says" - Have you ever heard anyone say that pot CURES cancer?

    Apparently, the FDA is getting ticked off about people saying it does: Marijuana doesn’t cure... Read More

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    • glomoy
    • Question about Primary Intraocular Lym...
    over 9 years ago
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    Has anyone had experience with Methotrexate treatment for Non Hodgekins?

    I have Ocular NHL, and they are concerned that it will invade the Central Nervous system.

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  6. about 2 years ago
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    Do all cancer drugs cause diarrhea?

    From the time I started taking anything from my doctor for this I have not been able to get 20 f... Read More

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  7. about 9 years ago
  8. about 8 years ago
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    Amelanotic Choroidal Melanoma. How hard should I be working to get things in order?

    Newly diagnosed, but way I've felt for least 15yrs, and especially the pains for last few to 5yr... Read More

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  9. about 7 years ago
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    Where should I seek second opinion and better treatent when Specialists of this eyecancer are rare?

    And what should I do so as to continue keeping a check on my tumor in the eye which should be st... Read More

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