• Ejba
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    over 3 years ago
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    House cleaning.

    I'm interested in your house cleaning offer

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    • NancyMc
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    over 3 years ago
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    GIST watch and wait???

    Stomach GIST measures 1.5 cm by EUS and 2.3 cm by CT. Doc wants to watch and wait rather than d... Read More

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    • squiffy113
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    about 5 years ago
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    What should I be eating?

    My cancer (not sure my listed diagnosis is correct) does a number on my stomach and digestive sy... Read More

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    • Redstone
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    about 5 years ago
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    CT and PET scans

    Do you have delays in getting scheduled for scans?

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    • Kd61
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    almost 2 years ago
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    G.I.S.T. Cancer

    Anyone else with g.i.s.t and taking Sutent? Anyone foregoing conventional treatment and using a... Read More

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  1. over 6 years ago
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    Impaired appetite?

    I know that my tastes have changed with my cancer medication... some things don't taste as good ... Read More

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    • KimGawitt
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    almost 6 years ago
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    Has anyone else here who has been diagnosed with G.I. cancer been told they can't find the source?

    My docs "suspect" small intestines but can not physically find the source or original tumor. Thi... Read More

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    • robiflach
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    over 6 years ago
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    How can I help my brother? His mother-in-law has this cancer.

    I live 5 hours away. How can I be of support for my brother as he helps his wife with the stage... Read More

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  3. almost 7 years ago
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    I know this is a real long shot, since only 5-50 annual cases of rectal GIST are the stats... bu... Read More

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  4. almost 7 years ago
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    CURE - Excellent Magazine

    CURE magazine is free to cancer patients, and is a really great resource. It's hard-copy as wel... Read More

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  5. almost 7 years ago
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    Wondering what GIST is?

    5,000 people are diagnosed with GIST each year in the United States. That’s 13 people diagnosed ... Read More

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