• ironmikey
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    6 months ago
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    gist cancer spread to liver

    My G.I.S.T. cancer tumor was already spread to my liver when diagnosed. I've read today there is... Read More

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    • Russ
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    about 1 month ago
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    Cancer Has Returned

    Well gang as it turns out I now have stomach cancer. I had surgery on March 27th. They removed ... Read More

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  1. almost 5 years ago
  2. over 4 years ago
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    After 6 weeks the doctor said I can eat soft easily digested foods and eat more smaller meals. I... Read More

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    • ironmikey
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    10 days ago
    • ironmikey
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    5 days ago
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    chemo for G.I.S.T.???

    Is Chemo used for GIST? I take gleevec witch is a form of chemo but I wondered if the more aggr... Read More

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  3. almost 5 years ago
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    How do you all handle the roller coaster emotions? I feel like crying all the time. I go to work... Read More

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  4. 7 months ago
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    WhatNexters, Greg, and/or American Cancer Society, What can we do to help this poor cancer sur... Read More

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    • Georgiagal
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    over 7 years ago
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    How big are the tumors that have been found in other peeps? What happened after they found your tumor?

    I just found out about mine on 11/7/11 and still have not heard from the doctor about what happe... Read More

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    • denfoxo
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    over 6 years ago
    • Aguilar
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    about 4 years ago
    • ironmikey
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    2 days ago
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    fistula formation

    I have to be evaluated for surgical resection of peritoneal metastasis with fistula formation. ... Read More

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