1. almost 8 years ago
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    Plant-Based Diet

    I've been a lacto-ovo vegetarian since 1997 and was diagnosed with retroperitoneal liposarcoma i... Read More

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  2. about 3 years ago
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    Are we allowed to discuss our consultants and the treatment they give us on this site?

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  3. almost 10 years ago
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    going to start chemotherapy, i will be on DOXOrubicin: (Adriamycin) next week, anyone every try this type of chemo?

    2months ago was diagnosed with retroparataneal liposarcoma, had a 20pound tumor removed under 2 ... Read More

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  4. over 2 years ago
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    Good News: Breast Cancer Too

    Just thought I'd share the good news about my 3rd clean mammogram after the lumpectomy and the 8... Read More

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    • chris64
    • Question about Liposarcoma
    over 7 years ago
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    Has anyone suffered from severe nightmares? I have them every night and even when I try to take a nap.

    I seem to be having severe vivid and extremely upsetting nightmares since I've returned home fro... Read More

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    • Aingle
    • Question about Liposarcoma
    over 7 years ago
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    Amount of chemo

    My brother is doing 9 days chemo and 5 days off for three rounds. He has pleomorphic lipo sarco... Read More

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  5. almost 8 years ago
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    Any new chemos/clinical trials for mixoid liposarcoma?

    I was first diagnosed with liposarcoma over 18 years ago. Over the last four years, in particula... Read More

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  6. about 9 years ago
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    Insurance says it can take 30 days to get approval for proton therapy, any ways to speed this up.?

    Dr. has sent letter. I have called pt. advocate and now its jus a waiting game. Tumor has grown... Read More

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  7. over 8 years ago
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    dedeffrinated liposarcoma

    Had my surgery March 20 2013 tumor resection going into surgery the bx showed a desmoid tumor, a... Read More

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  9. over 8 years ago
  10. about 8 years ago
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    Suggestions for dealing with a shorter leg from surgery

    Following surgery to place a rod in my right femur, which broke as a result of a lot of radiatio... Read More

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