• GregP_WN
    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    about 1 month ago
    GregP_WN's Avatar

    How often do you get a little dose of survivor's guilt?

    Again this morning I did. A friend of the family, younger than me, probably in his 50's, healthy... Read More

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  1. 30 days ago
    HolyCross' Avatar

    searching for good news, good success with treatments for stage III prostate cancer, anyone?

    I have just been diagnosed, this has me worried. I am looking for inspiration from others that h... Read More

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  2. 20 days ago
    HolyCross' Avatar

    Since the corona virus is ramping up again, have you missed any doctor's appointments?

    I am considering canceling anything that is not mandatory, treatment, or follow up, etc. I'm not... Read More

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    • searcher
    • Question about Small Cell Carcinoma,...
    over 8 years ago
  3. over 7 years ago
    HotRodTodd's Avatar

    Is it proven that exposure to asbestos causes cancer?

    You see all this stuff on TV about it, they seem to be sure about it.

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  4. over 7 years ago
    bassmaster's Avatar

    Any advice?

    Can't get much from my doctor so would appreciate any advice as to which option(s) to pursue.

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  5. about 7 years ago
    HotRodTodd's Avatar

    Is it reasonable to refuse treatments at an older age when you are too afraid of the side effects or lifestyle changes?

    I am just 54 now, just thinking about if this goes on for a long time like it did for my father.... Read More

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  6. about 7 years ago
    • starlite
    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    almost 7 years ago
  7. almost 7 years ago
    HotRodTodd's Avatar

    What things do you take with you to the hospital to do when you are in recovery from surgery or treatment?

    I am going in again, and it seems like I got so bored just being there. Felt like I should have ... Read More

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    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    over 6 years ago
    RLECLAIR's Avatar

    Radiation after total prostate removal

    Boyfriend had his prostate removed in Nov 2013. Yesterday the urologist said he wants him to see... Read More

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  8. about 6 years ago
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