1. about 2 years ago
    HotRodTodd's Avatar

    Has anyone had a seizure from being on chemo or radiation?

    I've never had them before but had one this week. One of the scariest things I've been through. ... Read More

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  2. 8 months ago
    BobsProstate's Avatar

    How many radiation treatments have you had, for what kind of cancer?

    I am seeing differrent numbers ranging from just a few to almost 40 rounds of radiation. I have ... Read More

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  3. 9 days ago
    BobsProstate's Avatar

    Am I the only one who has lost all patience?

    I get frustrated quickly when a nurse can't do something, or when an appointment gets messed up... Read More

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    • tomget
    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    almost 8 years ago
    tomget's Avatar

    Prostrate removal coming in Dec and mostly covered by Medicaire A..Should I buy a medicaire prescription drug policy for the future?

    I don't have a history of needing prescription drugs, and it appears that Medicaire prescription... Read More

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  4. over 6 years ago
    Bearforce's Avatar

    Prostate cancer treatment

    Trying to decide between surgery and radiation; concerned about side effects. Any suggestions.

    10 Answers - Answer -
    • Rebekah
    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    over 6 years ago
    Rebekah's Avatar

    Does anyone else suffer from severe breathlessness?

    My dad has had all the tests to rule out the obvious, even a cat scan for blood clots which was ... Read More

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  5. about 6 years ago
  6. about 6 years ago
    Ric4Eagle's Avatar

    Preventive Care

    What are the things I need to do, to prevent Prostate Cancer?

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  7. almost 6 years ago
    HotRodTodd's Avatar

    Treatment missed on Monday

    I guess all Doctors offices are going to be closed on Monday. I was just curious, is yours close... Read More

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    • mfrederd
    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    over 5 years ago
    mfrederd's Avatar

    Clinical trials

    Does anyone know if there are any clinical trials for prostate cancer that has metasisized to bo... Read More

    10 Answers - Answer -
    • lindi143
    • Question about Prostate Cancer
    over 4 years ago
    lindi143's Avatar

    Idiotic people

    Yesterday at the dr office I am in the waiting room and this lady sits down she asks all of us... Read More

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  8. over 4 years ago
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