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How to Live a Rich Life in 2015 (Even with Cancer)

by Brittany McNabb

When you are fighting cancer, life can be centered around surviving. But to live a rich life when you have cancer may mean thriving while surviving. With the new year comes new resolutions and possibly the idea of a "new you." All new goals are admirable, but one of the simplest wishes this year is to live a rich life despite cancer. 

Live Your Life, Not Your Cancer 2015

[WhatNexter Mikilog (left) atop Cadilac Mountain during their one year trip after chemotherapy.]

Here are seven ways that WhatNexters have learned how to...

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How to Improve Relationships With Loved Ones

by Brittany McNabb

Cancer can be a stressor to relationships but it does not have to affect the quality of your friendships and relationships with loved ones. Hard times have the potential to bring people closer and then make each other feel loved and appreciated. If you experience rocky times, here are some ways to improve your relationships with loved ones. 

How To Improve Relationships With Loved Ones

For more suggestions on improving your relationships during cancer visit the American Cancer Society's guide on Coping With Cancer in Everyday...

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The Formula to a Successful New Year's Resolution

by Brittany McNabb

January 1st is just around the corner and that means the arrival of that running list of New Year's resolutions. If you're a believer in New Year's resolutions, new beginnings, and self-betterment, then maybe you set a few resolutions on the first of the year...but do you keep them? In a study done by the University of Scranton, in 2013 just 8% of people achieved their resolution goal. (45% of people set a resolution at the first of the year.)

Happy New Year 2015 Photo

So why don't we seem to keep up with these...

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5 Things You Can Say to Someone Newly Diagnosed With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Speaking to someone that is newly diagnosed with cancer can leave you speechless. As a cancer patient, cancer survivor, caregiver, you may have an advantage because you have been directly affected by cancer. You could have an opportunity to make a difference through your words. Even so, you may feel it is difficult to find the right words. 

What To Say To Someone Newly Diagnosed With Cancer

Here are five things you can say to someone newly diagnosed with cancer. They key is to speak from your heart.

1. I'm sorry for what you are going...

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15 Things Truly Happy Cancer Survivors Don't Care For

by Brittany McNabb

What keeps happy people happy? Part of the answer is that they simply don't care for certain things. Many cancer survivors agree that once they have been through a cancer journey, they are changed forever. Many go through perspective changes and inhabit a more positive way of life because of things cancer has taught them. 

Truly Happy Cancer Survivors

The American Cancer Society reports 13.7 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today. Many of these 13.7 million lead happy lives and here are 15 things they simply...

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5 Ways to Maximize Time With Your Family During the Holidays

by Brittany McNabb

The holidays can bring a lot of gratitude, love, laughter and...stress. Whether it is trying to get the whole family together, trying to get last minute Christmas shopping done, or trying to maintain some kind of normalcy this year, cancer patients struggle with stress during the holidays. 

Maximize Time With Family

Many WhatNexters agree that one of the most important goals of the holiday season is to spend time with loved ones. To help you accomplish that, we have 5 tips on how to maximize time with your...

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10 Things Only a Caregiver May Relate To

by Brittany McNabb

As people join WhaNext, many of the members are here for caregiver support. For many patients, their caregiver is their hero and their #1 fan. Being a caregiver can teach you a lot from how to sleep in an uncomfortable hospital chair, what it's like to be alert 24/7, and the true meaning of the words "labor of love." Here is a list of things that all caregivers may relate to. 

Caregiver Support

[pictured above] "My husband, Joel supporting my journey by shaving his head and us embracing our new look...

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Achieving Personal Wellness With an Attitude of Gratitude

by Brittany McNabb

Part of the cancer journey is learning to thrive with tools like positivity, hope, and gratitude. Gratitude is a specific choice to change your perspective and view your situation with thankfulness and appreciation. A genuine feeling of thankfulness can be difficult when cancer comes into your life. However, for those WhatNexters who have learned to embrace gratitude, it seems to lighten their load.

Achieving Personal Wellness With Gratitude

Gratitude is not a blind acceptance of a situation. Gratitude is a calculated choice to view...

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How to Be a Good Friend to Someone With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Hard times are when true friends are needed most. Many friends of people with cancer rally around their loved one and support them through their journey.  To focus on the positive side of friendships, here are some things that people can do to be a good friend to someone with cancer. 

How To Be A Good Friend To Someone With Cancer

1. Stick around when it gets tough.

Think of cancer as any other obstacle you would reach in a friendship, and stay the course instead of abandoning ship. That alone will mean more than you know.


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10 Things Cancer Patients May Relate To

by Brittany McNabb

Cartoon Tx

Being a cancer patient means that you have experienced things that other people just haven't. Whether it is humorous or is a list of things that only a cancer patient can relate to. Hopefully it will create a sense of unity and the comfort of knowing you are not alone.

1. Having an extensive wig collection. 

When you experience hair loss from chemo it forces you to try new things. Some WhatNexters try wigs, head scarves, hats, and some simply rock their bald head. ...

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