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How to Master the Art of Relaxtion When You Have Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Relaxing can be very hard when you are fighting cancer. Even people that don't have to worry about doctor appointments, chemo, counts, scans, or prescription meds have trouble finding ways to relax in their everyday life. In a world that is so go-go-go, especially when battling cancer, it can be valuable to find at least 20 minutes a day to feel "relaxed." The question is: how...?

How To Relax When You Have Cancer

Here are 10 ideas that might get you on track to mastering the art of relaxation even while undergoing cancer...

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Dear Pre-Cancer Me: Things I Would Want to Tell Myself Before Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Do you ever wish you could go back and give your pre-cancer self some tips about your life? While we can't go back in time now, we can share our tips with those that have not experienced cancer or who have their own loved ones with cancer. So, dear pre-cancer self: here it is...

Dear Pre Cancer Me

I would want to tell myself...

Be healthy.

Screen Shot 2015 02 24 At 11.06.43 Am

"Get your butt out of the chair and start moving. Cut down on the coffee and drink more green tea. Back away from the junk food and eat more veggies. Don't sweat the...

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Patient to Patient: Encouraging Things People With Cancer Say to Each Other

by Brittany McNabb

If you have ever heard that a friend is diagnosed with cancer, seen someone out in public that looks like they are battling cancer, or been around other patients in your cancer treatment center, you may have felt the urge to provide words of comfort. Words exchanged from patient to patient can be very valuable. Even on WhatNext, just a "I get it" can make a huge difference. 

Encouraging Things People With Cancer Say To Each Other

Here are a few things that WhatNexters have said to one another that have made a big difference. After all, words...

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6 Apps to Help Manage Multiple Myeloma

by Blake Hoffmeyer

When Multiple Myeloma starts to impact your life, there are some great technological advantages that can help you with your day-to-day. Many WhatNexters in our Multiple Myeloma community have noted certain ones that really have made a difference in their daily lives for the little setbacks that the disease can cause. Here are a few of their favorites:


1. Waze & Google Maps

For patients living from Multiple Myeloma, there are many ways that memory can be impaired. People use these apps...

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4 Reasons Why It's Important to be Informed About Your Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

If you are informed about your cancer diagnosis, it may be easier to follow your treatment plan, take your medications, and be an active advocate for your health. You may know what cancer is, what type you have, and maybe the stage, but how much do you really know about your cancer?

Be Informed About Your Cancer

In a new study published in the journal  Cancer, a physician at a cancer institute revealed that out of 500 breast cancer patients, only 20-58% of women could specify their tumor characteristics accurately....

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3 Frustrating Things about Living with Multiple Myeloma

by Blake Hoffmeyer

When faced with a disease like Multiple Myeloma, several things come up that can be incredibly frustrating. It can be very helpful for family and friends to be aware of what those who live with Multiple Myeloma have to endure. For starters:

3 Frustrating Things

1. People don’t know what Multiple Myeloma is

Multiple Myeloma is very rare in the population. This means that a lot of people don't know what a diagnosis entails, much less any of the treatment methodology. Often, because it sounds like other diseases,...

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6 Ways to Help a Loved One Battle Cancer From a Distance

by Brittany McNabb

We all want to be there for our loved ones fighting cancer, but what if you can't physically be there? There are many creative ways to be there without being there. Here are seven specific suggestions from WhatNexters that have gotten or given support to their long-distance loved one.

7 Ways To Support A Loved One With Cancer From A Distance

1. Keep In Touch Over the Phone or Email

"I had one friend send regular text messages and emails - silly little pick me up, nonsense messages that were meant to take my mind off things and smile if only for a...

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5 Ways Multiple Myeloma Changes your Life

by Blake Hoffmeyer

Multiple Myeloma often times has an enormous impact on the patient’s life. Being prepared can help you to navigate the troubled waters. Here are some things that WhatNexters have experienced:

Changes Mm

1) The Treatment is Involving

In cases of Multiple Myeloma, treatment is different from case to case. Almost every element, though, requires a significant change in lifestyle. One of the best examples of this comes from Autologous Stem Cell Transplants. In this, a patient will have chemical radiation...

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5 Common Types of Cancer and Specific Symptoms to be Aware Of

by Brittany McNabb

Many people worry, "Could this be cancer?" There are many common symptoms that could be cancer and signs that people might want to be aware of. Prevention and early detection of cancer can be important to your health. According to the American Cancer Society some cancers can be found early and therefore treated before they have time to spread and grow.

Waring Signs Of Cancer

Keep in mind that not all these things can mean cancer. If you are worried about any symptoms or signs that might be cancer, please contact...

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Psychological Side Effects of Cancer and How to Deal

by Brittany McNabb

Cancer affects both the body as well as the mind. According to WhatNexters, they often experience mental and emotional side effects of cancer while still battling the physical side effects. Here are a few side effects you may have experienced and ways to fight off the mental difficulties.

How To Deal With Psychological Side Effects Of Cancer

Keep in mind that everyone is different; coping mechanisms that work for you might not work for someone else. However, it can be helpful to implement some of these ways to find out if they will help you...

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