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From Cooking For Fun to Cooking For Life - A Life Changing Event

by Ann Ogden

Our WhatNexter of the Week is Ann Ogden, she is a survivor of both breast cancer and kidney cancer. She describes how she went from the fast and furious world of fashion to cooking for fun and ultimately, Cooking For Your Life.

Ann Ogden

Ann Ogden

If you’d told me ten years ago if I’d be a leader in the world of culinary medical initiatives, collaborating on programs with Columbia University, backed by data and studies funded by the NIH, I would have asked you what you were smoking. And yet, that is...

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5 Great Resources For When You Have a Rare Cancer

by GregP_WN

Typically, people associate the word “rare” with either a) a way to prepare your steak, or b) something valuable and unique. Unfortunately, that’s not the case if you have a rare cancer . Along with the usual uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis, there’s that extra layer of anxiety that comes from having something that even your doctor doesn’t fully understand.

Rare Cancer Quote

If doctors don’t know much about your cancer, what hope do you have? We get that feeling…but there are resources.

One of the first...

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5 Old Time Cancer Treatments - Don't Try This at Home!!

by GregP_WN

Sometimes it’s good to know that no matter how bad your day is going, when the sun rises tomorrow you will still be in the 21st Century, and all the strides made in cancer care still exist. Let’s take a look at a few cancer treatments that send you running for your “happy place” and will make you want to hug your oncologist.

Leech Sucks

The Roman doctor Galien thought that cancer was caused by too much “black bile” that had solidified and recommended regular “purges” to dissolve the bile. Purging could...

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8 Ways You Have Gone Totally "Chemo-Brain"

by GregP_WN

Chemo brain. For years, it’s been the butt of jokes, and yet, one of the several reasons patients find chemotherapy hard to endure.

I Have Chemo Brain What's Your Excuse

To our loved ones, families and friends, we want you to know that it’s real. In fact, it’s so real that for chemo patients, it affects many of the tasks that were once very easy. But, if there was one thing that patients could remind their loved ones of, it’s that we’re trying our best. For example:

1) I didn’t mean to burn the turkey on Thanksgiving. I...

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A WhatNexter's Fight - Colon Cancer - Still Standing After Surgery, Chemo, Radiation

by GregP_WN

WhatNexter of The Week RobieFlores' Story 

Hi, my name is Robert Anthony Flores, but you can call me Robbie. In December of 2011 I told my primary Dr. that I thought I had a hemorrhoid , I had blood in my stool, and that I also had a cyst on my bottom left buttock. I'm a meat cutter, and I had no obvious symptoms. No lack of appetite, no fatigue. 

Facebook 1437372238908  

So my Dr. attempted to remove my cyst , he tried for two hours took out what he could and sewed me up. 10 days later I go...

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The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors - New Beginnings

by GregP_WN

Our Blog Post today is from WhatNexter Bill Aron. He is a prostate cancer survivor, photographer and author of New Beginnings - The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors is an extremely inspirational book that takes a look at 120 people that have faced cancer. Read how Bill fought off prostate cancer and why he decided to put together this book of inspirational cancer fighters from all over the US. 

Bill Aron S

Bill Aron

I was diagnosed with early onset prostate cancer in 1993. There was no Internet...

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10 Times Raising Cancer Awareness Made Us Laugh

by GregP_WN

We all know that raising awareness for cancer causes is an important way to raise funds for research and treatment, and encourage people to get screened. But how can you capture the public’s imagination and stand out in the Awareness Crowd when there are more than 200 days of national observation promoting disease awareness.

Whats Up Your Butt

Colon Cancer Awareness (USA)

One answer is to unleash the power of humor! Here is a look at raising awareness around the country, and other parts of the world.

Colonoscopy Inner Beauty


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Fighting Cancer From the Other Side

by GregP_WN

I am battling cancer from the other side. I am not a patient. I am a radiation therapist. My career is dedicated to treating cancer. Some may say that I don’t understand what people with cancer are going through. That is true. I have never had cancer. I have never been on the cold table alone in the treatment room as radiation has been delivered. I have never felt the radiation burn

Mlzjlll Radiation Mask

But I do know my patient Barbara, this is the second time she is having radiation. At her 6 month...

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