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Cardiac Arrest to Stage IV Colon Cancer: Still a Survivor!

by GregP_WN

Meet our WhatNexter of the Week, William Sams, in this picture, he has just survived cardiac arrest, being shocked back to life 3 times and having had an Automatic Installed Cardiac Defibrillator (AICD) implanted. he is with his Wife and kids, happy to have survived such an ordeal. Little did he know that this wasn't going to be the hardest fight of his life. 

William Sams After Cadiac Arrest

William, his Wife and kids in the hospital after having had surgery for the implant

William had served almost 14...

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Cancer and Nausea: Seven Tips for Relief

by Brian English

There have been major advancements in reducing the side effects of cancer treatments in recent years. Thanks to new drug formulations, incidents of nausea and vomiting are now less severe and pass more quickly. But in spite of these advances, the battle against barfing, puking, tossing your cookies, vomiting, and generally feeling like you’re going to hurl still has yet to be won. 

Cancer And Nausea 7 Tips For Relief

According to the Canadian Cancer Research Journal Current Oncology, “approximately one half of cancer...

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Helping Children Cope With Your Hair Loss

by Heather Erickson

Our blog post today is from Guest Blogger and WhatNexter "Donesewright" Heather Erickson. Heather is the caregiver for her Husband Dan who has fought through stage IV lung cancer. 

As adults, we have resources available to help prepare us for side effects we’ll experience as a result of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other forms of cancer treatment. Our doctor can explain what to expect, and how long it will last. 

Helping Children Cope With Cancer Side Effects

Children, on the other hand (even teens), don’t have...

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The Second Opinion : It's Your Right

by Brian English

Your cancer diagnosis often arrives with a thunderclap. You’re stunned. You’re reeling. And often you’ve barely absorbed the news of your diagnosis before you’re bombarded with information about your treatment. While you’re still there in shock, the doctor begins to tick through how he plans to attack the disease. Surgery, radiation, chemo … they all become a blur.Second Opinion It's Your Right

Regardless of how much you trust or like your oncologist, it’s only natural to think that maybe there’s more than one way to go...

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Celebrities and Cancer

by Brian English

Cancer made headlines in the entertainment news when actress Shannen Doherty revealed that her breast cancer had spread, and she’d received a single mastectomy. The actress told Entertainment Tonight that after a recent surgery, it was discovered that “some of the cancer cells may actually have gone out of the lymph nodes.” She will soon be starting a course of chemo and radiation treatments.

Shannen Doherty

For people here in the WhatNext community, cancer isn’t a human interest story; it’s part of every...

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Cancer and the Zika Virus

by Brian English

By now, everyone has surely heard of the Zika virus. It’s usually near the top of every national TV news report. And you probably know that it has something to do with mosquitos and pregnant women. But as a cancer patient, something that you need to look out for? Yes and no.

Zika Virus Infographic 740

Zika is not known (yet) to pose any particular hazard to cancer patients. However, the Centers for Disease Control recently reported that information is lacking as to whether the risk of contracting Zika (or the...

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4 Ways to Regain Muscle Mass After Cancer

by Brian English

Muscle loss as the result of cancer treatment can make a serious dent in your quality of life. Most patients will have to endure the extreme fatigue associated with muscle loss. But it doesn’t just keep you from returning to your daily routine – it sneaks up on you.

4 Ways To Regain Muscle Mass After Cancer

WhatNext Community Manager, GregP_WN remembers trying to split wood like he did before his treatment, and only being able to get through six logs. “My mind said, ‘Sure you can do it,’ but my body said, ‘waaaiiiit a minute,’...

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