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Five Tips to Kickstart Your Social Life After Cancer

by Brian English

5 Tips To Kickstart Your Social Life After Cancer

You're a Survivor......Now What?

We all know that cancer causes casualties. But one of the less publicized victims of the disease is the social life of patients. The intense and emotionally draining period shoves everything but survival onto the back burner. In the wake of cancer treatment – even in amid the joy of a NED announcement – it can be more difficult than you think to resuscitate a battered and bruised social life.

Before cancer showed up, many of us were defined by our social...

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Guilt: The Hidden Side Effect of Cancer

by "Gumpus61"

My Wife Has Cancer: A Husband and caregiver Shares his Journey

Ann And Mitch 4 Yrs. Prior

When asked what emotion a person feels most often when living with cancer as a patient or caregiver, a lot of words come to mind. Sorrow, anxiety, resolve, and desperation are some. Even if you have not faced cancer and were asked the question those words might come to mind. But there is an emotion that comes with the territory that nobody anticipates. It’s guilt .

After 36 years of marriage and the resolve along the way to...

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Is it Too Late for a Second Opinion?

by Brian English

The second opinion is standard operating procedure once you discover that you’re going to be a cancer patient. And it’s an important step. Cancer patients are encouraged – perhaps more than people with any other condition – to get second and even third opinions before starting treatment.

Get A Second Opinion

The reason second opinions are so crucial is that it’s possible to get a slightly different diagnosis, which, of course, would then alter the course of one’s recommended treatment.

But WhatNexter KC49 posed...

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Cancer Related Pet Peeves

by Brian English

Pet peeves: we’ve all got them. Some of us have more than others. Maybe it’s the way your husband puts the toilet paper on the roller (the only right way is “over” – with the paper in front – by the way). Maybe it’s that your wife doesn’t screw the top on the milk all the way.


And you probably thought that once you were diagnosed with cancer, your focus on the “little things” would vanish; you likely figured that battling cancer would surely make any tiny annoyances seem silly. Which, of...

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