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Glioblastoma-What It Is And How It's Treated

by Jane Ashley

The nation is saddened to learn about the death of John McCain. WhatNexters are particularly saddened because he died from glioblastoma (often referred to as GBM), an aggressive form of brain cancer.

John Mc Cain

We can be certain that John McCain would want his experience with the glioblastoma to be a catalyst for more research leading to more effective treatments.

What is glioblastoma?

Glioblastoma is a form of tumor that forms from astrocytes, the “star-shaped” cells that make up the connective...

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Do You Hate Losing Your Hair To Cancer?

by Jane Ashley

Hair loss – it’s the side effect most commonly associated with cancer.

Chemo At10am

Why? It is the single most visible sign that the person has cancer. This side effect has a far greater emotional impact on women than men. If we see a man with a bald head, we don’t automatically assume that they have cancer – we may just think that they are “making a statement” or “being hot.” Hollywood stars rock when they shave their heads. Many women even gravitate toward a man who shaves his head.

So why is being...

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Suicides In Cancer

by Jane Ashley

Most of us who have had or who have cancer want to continue living and accept the side effects, surgical pain and financial consequences of cancer treatment. We want to live, and we’re usually willing to take dramatic steps to survive.

Cancer Types Suicide

We probably haven’t ever contemplated the fact that the suicide rate is significantly higher for cancer patients than the general population. The National Cancer Institute studied cancer patients older than 20 whose cause of death was “suicide of...

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When Sleep Won't Come

by Jane Ashley

Do you have those nights when sleep won’t come? It’s a common problem during treatment. Estimates suggest that up to 75 percent of patients experience insomnia . A significant number of patients report continuing difficulty sleeping after their treatment ends. Sleep disorders include awaking early, problems going to sleep, waking up and not being able to go back to sleep or restlessness throughout the night. Many patients still feel fatigued upon awakening.

Up To75 Percent Insomia

We need to look at the whys we can...

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Gifts Cancer Patients Will Appreciate

by Jane Ashley

When we’ve been diagnosed with cancer, our family, friends and co-workers want to support us in every way possible. Many times, they just don’t know what to do. Many would like to give us a gift but aren’t sure what we might need or want.

A Ruana Provides Cozy Comfort 

I’ve talked and interacted with hundreds of people who are battling cancer, and these are some of the gifts that most patients will appreciate most. Cancer treatment is expensive, even when we have insurance so many of these suggestions help lift the...

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12 Common Fears Experienced at Diagnosis

by Jane Ashley

Each person reacts to their cancer diagnosis differently, but fear is always part of every single new patient’s response to their diagnosis. Virtually every cancer patient remembers the date of their diagnosis. We all remember that day – the shock, the disbelief and the fear of the unknown.

You Never Know How Strong

Our experiences might be different, but our fears are similar. Know that you are not alone – we share the shock, the fear and then, the gradual acceptance of cancer. Let’s look at some of the fears we...

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Legal Documents and Paperwork Cancer Patients Need to Complete

by Jane Ashley

One of the last tasks that most cancer patients are thinking about is getting their legal and financial documents updated. But it is a prudent and wise task to put behind you … just in case.

Update Legal Documents

Having critical legal documents prepared or updated brings peace of mind to you, your spouse/partner and your family. It’s a sobering reminder, but trust me – you’ll feel much better once you get this done.

When I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, I suggested to my husband that we should have my will...

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Managing Cancer Treatments When You Have a CoExisting Health Condition

by Jane Ashley

As we have all discovered, cancer does not discriminate. Regardless of age, ethnicity, income or existing health, cancer may land on our doorsteps. 

The question is, “How will we manage our co-existing condition now that I have cancer too?”

Cancer May Land On Our Doorsteps

Common coexisting conditions include:

• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• Kidney disease
• Lung disease

The treatment of cancer is complex and may last for an extended period. If we aren’t careful, we might get so caught up in our cancer...

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Immunotherapy - The Future is Almost Here

by Jane Ashley

Immunotherapy…we hear that word, but many cancer patients don’t understand exactly what immunotherapy is or how it works or it’s an option for their specific cancer/situation. So let’s take a closer look at immunotherapy.

Out Of Options

The Jimmy Carter cancer story

Many of you remember that back August 20, 2015, former President Jimmy Carter announced that he had a liver tumor removed but that doctors also discovered 4 tumors in his brain. His outlook was grim, but his medical team at Emory University’s...

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