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Tumor Boards - What Are They, Who Are They, Why Are They Looking At My Case?

by Jane Ashley

Perhaps you’ve heard of a tumor board or tumor committee and wondered, “What is a tumor board?” A tumor board is a group of medical professionals from many specialties who meet regularly to review cancer patients’ records and recommend the most effective treatment for a particular patient. Think of the tumor committee as a “group second opinion.”

The Tumor Board

Types of specialists that comprise a tumor committee

A diverse group of physicians and medical specialists make up the tumor committee. They always...

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What Do You Call Yourself? Warrior, Fighter, Patient, Victim?

by Jane Ashley

What do we want to be called? All of us here at either have cancer, are caregivers of someone with cancer or are cancer survivors. But what do we want to be called? The news media and our communities give us names, but many of us don’t like the names that others have chosen.

Cancer Journey

We didn’t choose cancer — cancer chose us. And I’d like to think that we are INSPIRING to others. We’ve taken the worst possible circumstances and done the best that we can to overcome one of the most...

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What is Chemo Brain and How Do You Cope?

by Jane Ashley

Chemo brain is an expression used by cancer patients and survivors. This phrase describes the cognitive symptoms and effects that cancer treatment may cause. Although most often associated with the mental changes caused by chemotherapy, these mental lapses can also occur with radiation or hormone therapy.

Chemo Brain Is Real

We, as cancer survivors, have to have a sense of humor about the entire topic. There is confusion over how we spell this side effect — is it “chemobrain” or “chemo brain” — or is it what...

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31 Thoughtful Things to Do For Someone With Cancer

by Jane Ashley

Many of our friends or co-workers want to know how they can help us through our cancer treatment. We’re often reluctant to ask for help. But we are eternally grateful when someone does one or more of these things for us or our family.

Cozy Socks

1. Grocery shopping. Offer to go grocery shopping or to pick up our on-line order.

2. Offer a ride to treatment. Our caregivers may be juggling a job and taking us back and forth to treatment. A ride to and from daily radiation or picking us up after...

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Don't Say This to a Cancer Patient - Say This Instead

by Jane Ashley

We know that our friends, co-workers and family love us and want to help us, but sometimes, they don’t know what to say. They say something vague or insensitive without realizing that they missed the mark, and we end up feeling worse, instead of better.

Im Here For You

So … what are some of the things that we’d rather hear?

The truth is that the general public doesn’t understand what having cancer is like — all of the medical appointments, the anxiety of waiting for test results or the intensity of our...

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Prostate Cancer Facts and Statistics

by Jane Ashley

Almost 175,000 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate annually, making
prostate cancer the most common cancer in men (except for skin cancer). About 60 percent of
men diagnosed with prostate cancer are over the age of 60. Average age for diagnosis is 66.

One Out Of Every Nine Men Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is about 60 percent higher in African-American men than white men.
About 90 percent of prostate cancer is diagnosed when it is localized or has spread to nearby
organs (regional disease). Five-year survival...

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Alternative Vs. Complimentary Treatments For Cancer

by Jane Ashley

 It is disturbing that so much disinformation floats around about cancer treatment. Misinformation creates fear in many newly-diagnosed patients — they have heard “horror” stories about chemo and “terror” tales about radiation. Well-meaning friends and relatives buy books and forward emails about all sorts of “natural” cures, juicing, supplements or diets to cure cancer.

40 Percent Believe

How many people believe that alternative treatments cure cancer?

According to the American Society of Clinical...

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14 Weird Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

by Jane Ashley

Weird Side Effects

Nose Bleeds

When we begin cancer treatment, we are sailing into “uncharted waters” — we’re about to being something that we’ve never done before. We’re nervous, even scared, about the side effects.

Most of us already know about the common side effects of cancer treatment:

Nausea or vomiting
Weight loss
Hair loss
Compromised immune system

Many patients have a chemo orientation or their oncologist gives them a list of their medications and possible side effects (also...

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National Men's Health Week June 10th - 16th

by Jane Ashley

Did you know that June 10th through June 16th (Father’s Day) is National Men’s Health Week?

Mens Health Week Logo

What is National Men’s Health Week?

National Men’s Health Week is the week that leads up to Father’s Day each year — to focus on health issues that disproportionately affect men. Of course, there are the obvious health issues that men face … just because they are men. These issues include cancer of the prostate, testicles and penis. But other health issues affect more men than women. National Men’s...

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How to Make Your Home More Cancer-Patient Friendly

by GregP_WN

A family’s cancer journey can feel overwhelming. For caregivers, knowing how to balance your own needs while still providing the best possible care and support to your loved ones isn’t always easy. After taking care of our Parents our family learned some things to make life a little easier for both the caregivers and the patient. 

Cancer Patient Bathroom

Before a cancer diagnosis, most families just go about their daily routine with ease. However, after receiving a cancer diagnosis, families quickly realize...

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