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Cancer Treatment Hair Loss 101

by Jane Ashley

Many people assume that they will lose their hair if they have chemotherapy. But not everyone does. Why? Because some chemotherapy drugs don’t cause hair loss. Your oncologist will usually tell you if hair loss is an expected side effect of your chemotherapy. 

No Right Or Wrong

One of the unexpected aspects of hair loss is that you may not only lose the hair on your head, but you may lose your eyebrows, eyelashes, armpit hair, pubic hair and hair on your legs. Everyone is different — you may lose your...

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Crazy Things People Say To Cancer Patients

by Jane Ashley

Almost all of us have experienced this — a friend or co-worker or acquaintance acknowledges our cancer diagnosis with an “off-the-wall” comment.

Crazy Things People Say To Cancer Patients 2

What does “off-the-wall” mean? Here are some of the meanings:

• Far out
• Freaky
• Quirky
• Highly unusual
• Bizarre
• Strange in an amusing or entertaining way
• Oddball
• Totally unexpected
• Crazy

Most people aren’t sure what to say so many times, they repeat what they’ve heard someone else say. Many times, they don’t realize how inappropriate or...

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Do You Know What Your "Healthy Weight" Should Be?

by Jane Ashley

Recent studies show that about 2/3 of Americans are either overweight or obese — too much fat in relation to their lean muscle tissue. Many of us are just a few pounds “overweight” while a small percentage of Americans are “morbidly obese.” The causes for weight gain are complex — ranging from genetics, hormonal, and emotional to lifestyle and cultural influences — lower income families may lack the income to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.


Once we’re diagnosed with cancer, we want to...

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2 Weeks Out From Life Saving, Life Altering Surgery

by GregP_WN

I'm not sure what I expected going into surgery at Vanderbilt 2 weeks ago today. Leading up to it I was anxious and in a hurry to get it done and get it out of me. I was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer that required having a complete laryngectomy and bilateral neck dissection.

Me Pre Op

Sweetie waiting with me for the docs to come get me for surgery

That morning started like so many other mornings that we have been at Vanderbilt for me to have a procedure. Until this one, I have had several...

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Cancer Facts And Figures

by Jane Ashley

Did you hear the news? The death rate from cancer decreased by 29 percent in the years from 1991 (when the death rate peaked) to 2017. And even better, the biggest annual drop in the death rate occurred between 2016 and 2017 when the death rate declined by 2.2 percent.

Death Rate Down By22

That’s the largest single-year decline ever recorded. These facts and figures are calculated annually by the American Cancer Society and published in their journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

Which types of cancer...

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Tonight You Won't Be Able To Speak-What Will You Say Today?

by GregP_WN

Cancer Leaves A Mark

Every type of cancer leaves a mark of some kind on the patient, their family, and their friends. Some are very noticeable scars, loss of body parts, disfigurement, while others are internal that are not seen and most know nothing about. Loss of your voice in a matter of hours is a life changing event. 

Cancer Leaves A Mark, Scars Do Not Form On The Dying

Loss of your voice in a matter of hours is a life changing event. You are rolled into the operating room able to talk to the doctors and nurses, then when you come...

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Simple Thoughts to Make Life Easier When Dealing With Cancer

by Jane Ashley

Sometimes just living seems so difficult during treatment or as a survivor. Pain, discomfort, fear of recurrence, side effects, lingering side effects afterward — it seems more than a soul can bear. 

Choose To Be Happy

Yet we persist and continue with life. And yes, we even experience joy and happiness. But are there ways to make our life easier?
These simple thoughts might be the answer to help us slosh through our rainy days.

I look for the Silver Linings.

Our diagnosis sucks. There’s no getting...

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