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Tips For Taking Oral Chemo Drugs For Cancer

by Jane Ashley

Many cancer patients don’t realize many of the 400 chemotherapy and targeted therapy drugs are in the form of a pill, rather than being infused via an IV. When we think of cancer treatment, we think of a chemo room and long days spent getting chemo.

Only The Patient Should Touch Their Chemo Pill

But times have been a-changing. The first oral chemotherapy pill was introduced in 1998. It is still in use today — it is the oral equivalent of Fluorouracil, usually referred to as 5-FU, a drug used in the treatment of breast, colorectal, anal,...

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Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

by GregP_WN

You have probably heard this question at some point in your life. Especially if you've lived in the business world for many years, applied for a job at certain companies, been up for a promotion, etc. someone has probably asked you this at some point in your life. 

Me And Sweetie

Your Answer Will Be Dependent On Your Current Situation. 

What was your answer? What would your answer be 5 years from that point? What would your answer be today? It changes all the time, right?

If you start on the day...

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Nutrition With Cancer Myths

by Jane Ashley

We all want to eat healthier. But how do we separate truth from fiction? There are so many food myths when it comes to those of us who have cancer or are cancer survivors.

Eat Healthier

Some dietitians and nutritionists specialize in cancer patients. They help people who are losing too much weight, and they help those who need to lose weight so that they can have potentially life-saving surgery. They provide dietary guidelines based on facts — not fads or fiction.
Let’s do a little myth-busting. You’re...

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Comforting a Loved One Facing Cancer When Face to Face Isn't Possible

by Adrian Johansen

Love you to the moon and back!

 7 Ways To Support A Loved One With Cancer From A Distance

The coronavirus is a merciless adversary. It has cut short millions of lives worldwide and it has robbed us all of our sense of safety and normalcy.

But when it forces you to isolate yourself from a loved one in need, that’s when it gets personal. That’s when it gets real.

The virus may have forced you to physically distance from your loved one for their own protection. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t still be a comfort to them through whatever...

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Should I Go To The ER Or To Urgent Care?

by Jane Ashley

We, as cancer patients, face difficult decisions all of the time.

Fever Over 1005 (1)

• Treatment decisions
• Getting a second opinion
• Taking a chemo break
• Type of surgery

There’s yet another decision that we may have to make. A medical “situation” occurs, and we have to decide if it’s cancer-related, treatment-related, or not related to our cancer situation at all. Where do we go? What do we do? Decisions, decisions.

What to do first?

Call your oncologist. Virtually every cancer center has a triage nurse...

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Choose Happy

by Jane Ashley

Did you know that each of us can choose to be happy? It turns out that we, humans, are hard-wired to feel joy and happiness.
Early humankind focused almost all of their waking hours just trying to survive – finding food to eat, keeping warm or finding shelter from the heat of the day, and protecting themselves from danger — they discovered simple pleasures too. Simple pleasures are defined as activities that do not contribute to one’s survival.

Choose Happy

• Music. Evidence of the ancestors of...

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Topics To Discuss With Your Oncologist

by Jane Ashley

Cancer is a complex and complicated disease. There are so many new words that we hear, and we don’t know what they mean. So how can we possibly understand our oncologist’s conversation?

Tips For Talking To Your Oncologist

All too often, they talk, and we listen and even nod our heads, indicating that we understand. But we don’t. Our silence becomes a problem because we, as the patient or caregiver, have to make treatment decisions.

So what are some of the topics that we, as patients, should discuss with our oncologist?


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Just Say No - To Negativity

by Jane Ashley

We have all experienced negative thoughts and feelings at diagnosis, during treatment, and afterward. Although it may be “normal” to experience negativity, those negative thoughts and feelings only serve to drag us down — robbing us of today’s joy.

Not Afraid Of The Storms

How do we quiet those voices in our heads? Does this mean that we always have to be “positive?” Does this mean we shouldn’t face reality? Do we always have to have a smile on our faces? The answer to all of those questions is no.

What, then, is...

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