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Jenny Miller, Our WhatNexter Of The Week

by GregP_WN

This weeks WhatNexter Of The Week is Jenny Miller, she is a breast cancer survivor and an avid WhatNexter. She is always available and willing to provide support and words of encouragement to others of the Community. Her story is a two part, the first was written while going through treatment, the second part was after treatment was completed and she has a new outlook on life after treatment.

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Jenny and her Daughter Kim Amelio

Cancer is a game of Solitaire. I am the lone player. I am...

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Why I Do a Monthly Self Breast Exam

by Staci1219

Staci 60 DayWhen my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 59 it was a shock to my whole family. They found it through a regular routine checkup, she had to have a lumpectomy and remove some lymph nodes.

After she recovered from the surgery she started on a round of Chemo and radiation. Mom was a trooper through all that, she had her good days and bad days like everybody does but she got thru it.

A year to the day later she went back for her check up and found out she had AML(acute myloid...

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