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Surviving Cancer And Making Bank - A How-to Guide

by Lisa Vento

Editor's note: A Guest Blog Post from WhatNexter Lisa Vento - "TimeBetweenIs" on WhatNext. She is a breast cancer survivor and fierce advocate for breast cancer issues and women's issues in the workplace, especially after or during cancer. She helps Women figure out how to get back to work and regain their confidence. 

Lisa Vento Surviving Cancer And Making Bank

Surviving Cancer & Making Bank - a How-To Guide

For those of us who are hit with the beast of cancer, without warning or planning because who in the world...

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3 Things Cancer Patients Ask of Their Employers

by Brian English

Dear Employer:
I have been diagnosed with cancer. While this has impacted my health, it has not changed my work ethic, nor my intelligence, nor my dedication to my fellow coworkers and the company’s goals. While I am being treated for this disease, please treat me with the respect that I’ve worked so hard to earn in my position.

3 Things Cancer Patients Want Employers To Know

Working Cancer Patients Everywhere

One of the least explored aspects of the changes that cancer can cause in your life is the impact it can have at work. Many...

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5 Ways To Prepare For Your First Day Back To Work

by GregP_WN

Cancer makes it difficult to get back into your normal routine, or a routine that makes you feel like you.

First Day Back To Work What Next Blog

For many people, their career is a strong part of their identity. It’s one of the first things we say when we meet someone new: 

What’s your name?
Where are you from?
What do you do?

But going back to work after taking time off for treatment and/or surgery can be daunting. You want to dive right in and pick up where you left off, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Your body...

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