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Examples of how to "Live Your Life...Not Your Cancer"

by GregP_WN

At WhatNext, we are fond of the quote "Live Your Life....Not Your Cancer". What does that mean exactly? Very simply, it means to not get bogged down in your "cancer life". Cancer is a major part of your life while you're going through it, but it doesn't have to be all of it. Take every chance you get to do some things that are as far away from cancer as you can get. 

Live Your Life Not Your Cancer Banner

We all deserve to have a mind that is free and clear of all negative thoughts, visions of cancer trying to kill us and...

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Finding Hidden Blessings in a Cancer Diagnosis

by GregP_WN

Our Guest Blog Post today is from Pam Arabian, she is a breast cancer survivor and a Voice of Hope Speaker for the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life. She describes her experiences of going from a normal day living her life, to living her life with breast cancer, and how she is finding hidden blessings in a cancer diagnosis. 

Pamela Arabian With Son Matt Before Treatment                                           ...

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Why You Should "Live Like You Were Dying" - If You Have Cancer

by GregP_WN

The first time I heard this song, I was just a few years out from the final treatments for my second diagnosis of Hodgkins Disease. As I listened to the lyrics I thought how true they are. I was 30 and cancer had already tried to kill me twice. I needed to get past that time and get busy living.

Why You Should Live Like You Were Dying If You Have Cancer

Whether you have just been diagnosed, or in the middle of treatments or in survivorship and moving on with your life, maybe we should take his advice and "live like you were dying". Maybe you should...

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Beating Stage IV Cancer, Twice - With a Little Help From Her Relay Family

by GregP_WN

In the fall of 2011, Twyla Varnado "T-Birdie, began teaching a beautiful little girl by the name of Zaria AKA “Pook” Johnson in her Sunday school class full of four-year-olds. One day, Twyla asked Zaria’s mother why the little girl didn't have any hair or eyebrows. 

Twyla Varnado

She told her about Zaria’s cancer journey. That following January, Zaria passed away. It was that year, in 2012, when Zaria’s mother asked Twyla to be on her Relay For Life team.

“I attended meetings with her and at one of...

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12 Hard Truths About Having Cancer

by GregP_WN

When you hear the words that you have cancer, lots of things change. Some of them won't be that bad, but a lot of them will straight up suck. Saying that your life will never be the same again isn't a stretch. It's not ALL going to be terrible, but here are 12 hard truths about having cancer. 

12 Hard Truths About Cancer

1) Your Old Life Is Gone - From the time of your diagnosis until you're done with treatment and move on into survivorship, things will not be the same. Some people lose their jobs because of...

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Colorectal Cancer Patients Share Their Experiences

by GregP_WN
Living With Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal adenocarcinoma is a type of colon/rectal tumor originating in the glands that produce the mucus that coat the inside of the colon/rectal area. The cancerous cells may spread into the walls of the colon and then into the lymphatic system. Cancer becomes more of risk when polyps (benign tumors formed by abnormal growth) turn cancerous. Colorectal adenocarcinoma progresses slowly and sometimes is not detected for 5 years. Noticeable signs include irregular bowel habits like...

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2X Cancer Survivor, College Graduate, Before Age 26

by GregP_WN

Sara Bedard is a 26-year-old young Lady, a 2X cancer survivor, and a college graduate. The inspiring part about this is that she didn't know if she could survive cancer, much less be able to graduate College while in treatment. She is our WhatNexter of the Week, and this is her story. 

Sara After Surgery

Just a few years ago cancer was something I never expected would play a huge part in my life and boy was I wrong. In 2015 my mother passed away from Ovarian cancer. At the time, I was working a part-time...

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For Husbands Only : What They Don't Tell You the Day Your Wife is Diagnosed With Cancer

by "Gumpus61"

Well, my friend, it has happened to you. We go through life as men thinking the bad things happen to the other guy. So it is always a shock when you sit in an office and watch a tear roll down your wife’s face as she is told she has a terrible disease. 

Full Size Render

Shock is not too strong a word. I literally felt fight or flight, panic, anger, shock and bewilderment…….all at once. It must be like getting shot, suddenly you find yourself sitting there not knowing why your sitting instead of...

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Cancer Related Pet Peeves

by Brian English

Pet peeves: we’ve all got them. Some of us have more than others. Maybe it’s the way your husband puts the toilet paper on the roller (the only right way is “over” – with the paper in front – by the way). Maybe it’s that your wife doesn’t screw the top on the milk all the way.


And you probably thought that once you were diagnosed with cancer, your focus on the “little things” would vanish; you likely figured that battling cancer would surely make any tiny annoyances seem silly. Which, of...

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21 More Tips For The Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient

by GregP_WN

Once you or a loved one are faced with a cancer diagnosis, you have so many questions, fears and concerns. How am I going to get through this? Where do I begin? It's scary and not easy. We've turned to our WhatNexters, and asked them what advice they would give to someone who is newly diagnosed with cancer and needs support. They've been through it, hopefully their words of wisdom can help.

21 Tips

1. Assemble your team. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a team to beat...

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