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WhatNext Cancer Support Network Nominated for "Best in Show-Cancer Support Community"

by GregP_WN

We have great news to share! The WhatNext cancer support network and myself have been nominated in the WEGO Health Awards for "Patient Leader", "Advocating For Others", and "Best in Show" for Cancer Support Community. We are honored to be nominated for this prestigious award, and we appreciate everyone that has nominated WhatNext. 

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What Are the WEGO Health Awards?

According to the WEGO Health Website, "Originally coined the “WEGO Health Activist Awards,” the WEGO Health Awards were...

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Practical Ways to Beat Scanxiety

by Jane Ashley

Virtually every cancer patient will agree that when it’s time for your scans, it’s one of the most stressful parts of your treatment or surveillance after treatment. It has a name – SCANXIETY (scan zi et ee). Here are some practical ways to beat scanxiety.

Practical Ways To Beat Scanxiety

Your closest family members don’t understand; your friends don’t have a clue; don’t bother to tell a co-worker either. We remember all too well that when we were diagnosed, it was most probably a scan that told our doctors that we...

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Things Cancer Patients Bought After Diagnosis They Never Expected to Need

by GregP_WN

First, we never thought we would be diagnosed with cancer. Then, we never thought we would be buying these things that are listed. One day you're moving through life as planned, and a few days later you are trying on wigs, or looking for the right size adult diapers, or new clothes because the old ones don't fit anymore. We asked the WhatNext Community what they had to buy after their diagnosis that they never thought they would and these are some of those things.

Things Cancer Patients Bought After Their Diagnosis They Never Thought They Would

Cancer has lots of...

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Palliative Care - Finding Symptom Relief

by Jane Ashley

Confused about what palliative care is? Has someone suggested that you receive palliative care but you’re afraid that it’s the same thing as hospice? There is quite a bit of confusion about palliative care and how it may benefit cancer patients.

Palliative Care Finding Symptom Relief

What is palliative care?

Palliative care seeks to relieve a patient’s symptoms and improve a patient’s quality of life. Palliative care provides patients relief from both the symptoms of their disease and the symptoms created by their treatment.


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Cancer Friends-What To Say And Do When They Progress To Stage IV

by Jane Ashley

When we are diagnosed with cancer, we may lose some friends because they don’t know what to say or are unable to cope with our cancer diagnosis. But, we gain new friends who also have cancer. We meet these new friends at our chemo or radiation center or through a Facebook group or an online message board.

When Your Friend Has Stage Iv Cancer

These friendships may become strong and lasting. But what do you say and do when your treatment is going well and your friend’s cancer has progressed? What do you say if they become Stage...

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Keeping the Worry of Recurrence Out of Mind

by GregP_WN

Have you heard the expression "Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, but it steals today's peace"?  For cancer survivors, this is hard to do though. Here are some tips on keeping the worry of recurrence out of mind.

Worrying Does Not Take Away Tomorrows Troubles. It Takes Away Todays Peace1

That quote is full of TRUTH! I have always been a person with an extremely positive attitude. That was drilled into me when I was a young man starting out in the insurance business. Every day started with positive thoughts, positive affirmations, and the drive to...

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Hitting Pause: Creating Your Own Battle Plan Against Cancer

by Jackie Edwards

Guest Blog Post by Jackie Edwards

According to the United States government, over 14 million United States citizens have some form of cancer. Rather than giving in to the depression that comes with a cancer diagnosis, many cancer patients are beginning to empower themselves with control over treatment options. These people find it easier to accept mainstream medicine and help themselves living healthier lives during treatment.

Hitting Pause Creating Your Own Battle Plan Against Cancer

The Diagnosis is Cancer

Initially, after the diagnosis, the shock...

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What to Do When the Family Doesn't Support Your Cancer Fight?

by Jane Ashley

The cancer diagnosis doesn’t come with an easy-to-follow instruction book. Every patient responds to treatment differently. And the exact details of each person’s cancer are different. That is what our “shared experiences” are so helpful. But, what to do when the family doesn't support your cancer fight? Here are some ideas.

You Are Not Alone With Cancer

Communication seems to be the key element in gaining support during your cancer fight. How can you get the help you need if your family and/or friends don’t know how you...

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April Cancer Awareness and Events

by GregP_WN

April highlights the following types of cancer:

April Cancer Banner

Head and Neck Cancer

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month and the Oral Cancer Foundation would like to invite you to join us in our national screening campaign to end oral cancer! Oral Cancer awareness in the American public is low. Approximately 49,750 people in the U.S. will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer this year. 132 new people in the US EVERY DAY will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer, and that one person EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY,...

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Moving Into Survivorship After Cancer

by GregP_WN - HelenJ

There's something about survivorship that leaves you wondering about what's next. Should you just move on with your life? Do you need to take different steps to stay healthy? You may feel a sense of confusion and loss after a doctor tells you that you are cancer free or ready to move past treatment. The challenge is moving into survivorship and taking the next steps to enjoy your life.

Hello I Am A Survivor

Getting Support

We've all gone through a transitional period with our emotions after cancer. When my mother...

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