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Coming Out About Your Cancer

by Brian English

After the initial shock of your cancer diagnosis subsides, it begins to dawn on you that you have a big decision to make: how on earth are you going to break the news about all this? And who on earth do you tell first? How do you tell them you have cancer?

I Have Cancer

To the uninitiated, struggling with the mere fact of “breaking the news” may seem insignificant in comparison to the news itself. But that’s hardly the case. A cancer diagnosis is a profoundly life-altering event. It will have an emotional...

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WhatNexter Dan Dickinson - "Dan7264" Giving Back

by GregP_WN

WhatNexter Dan Dickinson "Dan7264" is giving back to others fighting cancer and going through chemo treatments at the facility he was treated at. He came up with an idea to go sit with some of the patients while they are having treatments, which is great in itself, but Dan kicks it up a notch by taking some custom made shirts for chemo patients with some funny, witty and edgy quotes on them. He might even be carrying a box of doughnuts. 

Nov Dan7264

Dan says that his purpose in doing this is not to...

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4 Cancer Advantages During the Holidays

by Brian English

They’re back. Yes, those wonderful, stressful, relaxing, nostalgic, magical, and frustrating times are here. It’s the holiday season again. And they can be tough for everyone to get through. And like most things in life, when you factor your cancer into the mix, it’s not like it gets any easier.

4 Cancer Advantages During The Holidays

But this holiday, why not let your illness allow you take advantage of the holidays in ways that you never have before? It’s not as crazy as it sounds; it’s all about attitude. Cancer has already...

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Dear Family: Things you can do for me Without Asking

by Brian English

Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for being there for me. You have no idea just how helpful your support and encouragement has been throughout my ordeal. Your actions have made me feel and appreciate your love in ways that I could never have imagined. I am touched beyond words.

I’m often overwhelmed by all that you’ve given of yourself and your time to help me through this. I cannot believe that you so often offer to do – and to give –
even more.

But you should know that there are some...

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Cancer Treatment After "ObamaCare"

by Brian English

In the wake of Donald Trump’s surprising win on election day, people everywhere are wondering how the President-Elect’s policies will effect their healthcare. Trump has long listed the repeal of Obamacare as the top priority of his first 100 days in office. In fact, it’s been rumored that Trump has actually talked about convening a special session of Congress on January 20, 2017 – the very day he takes the oath of office – in order to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Trump Obama

All of which...

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October Cancer Awareness

by GregP_WN

October brings us possibly the largest movement in cancer awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's hard to look in any direction and not see something pink, or an add on TV or radio with a Company touting their support for breast cancer research. Regardless of your position on all of the "pinkwashing" that goes on, it cannot be denied that the movement does bring incredible awareness to cancer issues. October is also Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Nbcam Logo2016

The National Breast Cancer...

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Survivor's Guilt - It's Not Your Fault!

by Brian English

That wonderful day your tests results come back with those three glorious letters N, E, and D (No Evidence of Disease) should be among the happiest of your life. It’s the day you’ve been working toward for many arduous months, so feelings of elation, joy, and relief will flood through you. For a while at least.

Survivor's Guilt It's Not Your Fault

But after those initial reactions settle in, survivors often become reflective. In spite of the amazingly good news, thoughts can often turn to an entirely different emotion: guilt....

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HPV Vaccine: Yes or No?

by Brian English

In the last few years, the topic of vaccines has become quite divisive. But then, that’s usually what happens whenever a medical issue becomes a political football – something of which all cancer patients are all too aware.

Hpv Vaccine Yes Or No

Usually, the vaccines controversies aren’t found in the cancer community. After all, you can’t vaccinate against cancer … except in one case. The vaccine Gardasil can protect males and females against cancers caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The HPV vaccination...

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Things to Ask Your Oncologist on the First Visit

by Brian English

The moments after your cancer diagnosis can be a whirlwind. Your mind is racing. It can be quite a shock and one that can take significant time from which to recover. And it’s not only possible but very likely that you’ll still be in a bit of a fog when it’s time to meet your oncologist for the first time.

Things To Ask Your Oncologist On The First Visit

All of it will seem like a blur at the time. But the initial stages of your treatment are critical. And you’ll want to be sure that you show up to that first visit with your...

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September Cancer Awareness Events

by GregP_WN

September a busy month for cancer awareness, it is the month to bring awareness to:

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancers

From, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time to honor and remember children and families affected by these rare diseases, and help rally support to give kids with cancer better outcomes by supporting our groundbreaking research.

During the month of September:

25,000 families around the world will get the horrible news that their child or...

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