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10 Common Relationship Issues During a Cancer Diagnosis

by GregP_WN.

We have a saying in the cancer community, it says "when someone gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer". While relationships can be extremely gratifying, they can also be hard work. A cancer diagnosis can take a toll on your relationship that normal life does not present. If you feel like your relationship is suffering because of your diagnosis, you are not alone. Here are 10 common relationship issues during a cancer diagnosis. 

10 Relationship Issues With Cancer

Please keep in mind that there are solutions...

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12 Hard Truths About Having Cancer

by GregP_WN.

When you hear the words that you have cancer, lots of things change. Some of them won't be that bad, but a lot of them will straight up suck. Saying that your life will never be the same again isn't a stretch. It's not ALL going to be terrible, but here are 12 hard truths about having cancer. 

12 Hard Truths About Cancer

1) Your Old Life Is Gone - From the time of your diagnosis until you're done with treatment and move on into survivorship, things will not be the same. Some people lose their jobs because of...

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For Husbands Only : What They Don't Tell You the Day Your Wife is Diagnosed With Cancer

by "Gumpus61".

Well, my friend, it has happened to you. We go through life as men thinking the bad things happen to the other guy. So it is always a shock when you sit in an office and watch a tear roll down your wife’s face as she is told she has a terrible disease. 

Full Size Render

Shock is not too strong a word. I literally felt fight or flight, panic, anger, shock and bewilderment…….all at once. It must be like getting shot, suddenly you find yourself sitting there not knowing why your sitting instead of...

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Guilt: The Hidden Side Effect of Cancer

by "Gumpus61".

My Wife Has Cancer: A Husband and caregiver Shares his Journey

Ann And Mitch 4 Yrs. Prior

When asked what emotion a person feels most often when living with cancer as a patient or caregiver, a lot of words come to mind. Sorrow, anxiety, resolve, and desperation are some. Even if you have not faced cancer and were asked the question those words might come to mind. But there is an emotion that comes with the territory that nobody anticipates. It’s guilt .

After 36 years of marriage and the resolve along the way to...

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My Wife Has Cancer - A Husband and Caregiver's Story

by "Gumpus61".


Someone said when you’re falling in or out of love every song on the radio is about you. The Same is true of the cancer experience. Most everyone, at some awful or wonderful way point, relates that moment to a song. 

My Wife Has Cancer A Husband And Caregiver's Story

My wife is dying of cancer and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. We husbands of cancer cry often, and with deep feeling, but more often alone than with our wives….and right at that moment I sat in Traffic and was the loneliest man in the world. If...

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Being a Cancer Patient and a Caregiver

by GregP_WN.

All cancer patients will have a variety of descriptions of what it's like to be a cancer patient. There will be a lot of details about how hard treatment is, how bad the side effects are, the pain involved and the sacrifices a patient has to make just to go through treatment. 

Is Being A Caregiver Harder Than Being A Patient

All of these will be heartfelt and true statements, but the patient usually feels like they are in control of their own situation. They are the one going through it all and can muster up the determination to keep...

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Cancer and Marriage

by GregP_WN.

Life with cancer can be a pressure cooker. It dials up the stress on every aspect of your life. But it’s personal relationships that may show the strain of cancer the most – especially marriages. The question isn’t “will living with cancer change your marriage;” it will. But will “change” mean a stronger bond between you and your mate, or the end of your relationship?Terrilyn

“Marriage isn’t easy,” writes WhatNexter LiveWithCancer. “It is even more difficult, I think, when you throw in a...

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6 Great Ways to Thank Your Caregiver

by Brian English.

Caregivers are crucial and often underappreciated partners in cancer care. Whether they’re supporting you by doing small errands, taking over the bills, or simply being at your side, these people are on this journey with you. It can be a tough and stressful experience.

Caregivers Rock 6 Ways To Say Thank You

Of course, while you appreciate all the efforts from your caregivers, the fact that you need a caregiver at all is an indication that you’re enduring some tough times of your own. With all the tribulations of cancer treatment...

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Cancer's New Normal - What You Need to Know

by Greg Pierce.

You get the diagnosis, you go through your treatment (chemo and radiation—yay!), and then suddenly the cancer crisis period is over. Now what?

Cancer's New Normal

Some people want to get back to their life BC—Before Cancer. Some people feel inspired to make a drastic change. Regardless of what you want, you can’t deny that this journey has changed you, and instead of searching for and old normal, you get to create a new normal.

But how?

Well, here’s our top 5 ways to help you through that transition.


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9 Things to Remember If You Love a Person With Cancer

by Brittany McNabb.

Cancer can often be the first thing you think of when you see or think about a person. Loved ones might not mean that in a harmful way, it just happens because it is in the forefront of everyone's mind. But, if you love someone with cancer, here are a few things you might want to remember. Feel free to pass these on to anyone you think might be touched by them or who is closely affected by cancer.

9 Things To Remember When You Love Someone With Cancer

1. People with cancer are still normal and want to talk about normal things.

Friends As A Distraction

"It feels good...

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