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Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy & Metallic Taste

by GregP_WN

Originally Posted at the makers of Metaqil. That metallic taste we get in our mouth after having chemo is a common side effect. There have been hundreds of remedies suggested and written about on WhatNext. I recently ran across this product that eliminates that taste, so I thought it was worth looking into. Here is some information that was originally posted on their website. 

Metqil Revised Bottle

Radiation therapy to the neck and head can damage taste buds and salivary glands, causing the...

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Looking for a Clinical Trial? New Clinical Trial Finders Will Help

by Jane Ashley

Most late-stage cancer patients hear this advice, “You might want to consider a clinical trial.” A number of Stage IV patients think ahead to have a plan in place in the event that a second line chemo isn’t effective. Your oncologist may even tell you that you need to contemplate a clinical trial.

Looking For A Clinical Trial

Knowing in advance what your options are in the event of second-line treatment failure will help you avoid stress if you get bad news.

Before you begin searching, you need to produce a one-page...

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What’s the best approach for treating prostate cancer? Don’t ask a Naturopath.

by Britt Hermes

This article originally appeared on Britt Hermes' blog Naturopathic Diaries on 9-26-2016.  She is an ex-naturopathic doctor. She started her blog to expose naturopathic medicine and protect patients from the dangerous and incompetent practices rife in her former profession. We are sharing this article on Naturopathic treatment for prostate cancer to share her view of it from her own experiences. 

Dr Britt Hermes

Journalists seem to have a difficult time reporting the latest medical...

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Sleep: The Best Medication, It's Benefits and How to Get More

by Jackie Edwards

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer patients are twice as likely to experience insomnia, and almost half of cancer patients have trouble sleeping or staying asleep. Fears of the future and uncertainty about treatments are troubling ideas that would keep anyone awake. However, lack of sleep is highly detrimental to your body and is shown to determine how well your body can fight cancer and promote recovery and progression.

Sleep, The Best Medication, It's Benefits And How To Get More

Benefits of Sleep

We all need sleep to help rejuvenate...

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Pain Management and Warning Signs of Opiate Addiction for Cancer Patients

by Constance Ray

There are many methods of pain management for cancer patients. Cancer pain is usually very treatable, with many patients finding relief using a combination of medications. Some medications offer general pain relief, and some higher-strength prescription medications target specific types of pain. 

Opioid Addiction

A good plan of action can start with setting a pain management goal with your doctor. Discuss the type of pain relief medication that is needed to keep pain consistently in the tolerable...

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Cancer and Nausea: Seven Tips for Relief

by Brian English

There have been major advancements in reducing the side effects of cancer treatments in recent years. Thanks to new drug formulations, incidents of nausea and vomiting are now less severe and pass more quickly. But in spite of these advances, the battle against barfing, puking, tossing your cookies, vomiting, and generally feeling like you’re going to hurl still has yet to be won. 

Cancer And Nausea 7 Tips For Relief

According to the Canadian Cancer Research Journal Current Oncology, “approximately one half of cancer...

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Cancer and Marriage

by GregP_WN

Life with cancer can be a pressure cooker. It dials up the stress on every aspect of your life. But it’s personal relationships that may show the strain of cancer the most – especially marriages. The question isn’t “will living with cancer change your marriage;” it will. But will “change” mean a stronger bond between you and your mate, or the end of your relationship?Terrilyn

“Marriage isn’t easy,” writes WhatNexter LiveWithCancer. “It is even more difficult, I think, when you throw in a...

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Cancer and Supplements: Yes or No?

by Brian English

Anyone living with cancer has surely heard at least something about dietary supplements. And not long after hearing about them, you’ve probably heard all kinds of opinions – some pro-supplements, some anti-supplements. Indeed, the use of dietary supplements by cancer patients is a long-running discussion. The question remains: is it safe to take dietary supplements while you’re living with cancer or undergoing cancer treatments?

Cancer And Supplements, Yes Or No

It’s not an easy question to answer with a simple “yes” or “...

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Do You Need a Vacation From Cancer?

by Brian English

Everyone needs a vacation. And perhaps no one needs a vacation more than cancer patients. But not necessarily the gentle island breezes and swaying palm trees sort of vacation; patients need an emotional and mental vacation from just dealing with the disease.

Take A Vacation From Cancer


Cancer can be all consuming. From the moment of diagnosis onward, it seems to be the nonstop topic of conversation. You talk about cancer. The changes in your life are about cancer. It’s always there, close to the surface, not quite...

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The Top 5 Ways to Relieve Cancer Stress

by GregP_WN

“How To Relieve Stress” is the most-searched phrase on Google. Why? Because we’re all stressed out by modern life and we don’t know how to calm down!! But we asked you, WhatNexters, to tell us how you keep your stress under control. We all know that stress wreaks havoc on your body, and when you already have cancer making its presence known, well…keeping stress at bay becomes even more important.

Top 5 Ways To Relieve Stress

So here are the Top 5 Stress-Relieving Tips from the WhatNext community!

1) Get plenty of...

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