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10 Scholarships Cancer Survivors Can Apply For

by Bea Potter

College can be a challenge for all students, financially and emotionally, but this is especially true for students recovering from cancer. Many students battling cancer may feel that there is no point in carrying on with their education, and the crippling costs of college tuition only exacerbates this.

10 Scholarships Cancer Survivors Can Apply For

What we can see is that pursuing a personal goal has a profound impact on a patient’s emotional and psychological recovery. To overcome the financial concerns, there are a wide range of...

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Navigating Life Insurance As a Cancer Survivor

by GregP_WN

As a cancer survivor, you’re probably eager to begin a new chapter in your life. But despite a positive outlook, it can be challenging to overcome the worries associated with life after cancer—especially when it comes to finances.

Navigating Life Insurance As A Cancer Survivor

One of the best ways to lessen the anxiety and fear of what’s ahead is by creating a solid plan. Of course, your plan is going to look different from another person’s plan, but the result of intentional planning should be similar in that you (and others) will...

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Financial Assistance Resources For Cancer Patients

by Jane Ashley

Perhaps you’ve never heard the term – financial toxicity – the National Cancer Institute defines it as the problems a patient encounters due to the cost of medical care. Cancer patients are two to three times more likely to file bankruptcy as healthy people.

Financial Toxicity

Why? Even with insurance, the cost of cancer care, along with related expenses, is beyond what anyone expects. Until we’ve received our first bill, we have no idea what cancer care costs.

Health Insurance – Does It Protect A Family?


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Is The High Cost of Revlimid Too High For Multiple Myeloma Patients?

by Jane Ashley

We all know that cancer care is expensive. We see our individual bills for our type of cancer, and most of us struggle to pay it. But multiple myeloma patients are now facing a financial crisis with the cost of Revlimid, an oral medication used as a maintenance drug after an autologous stem cell transplant or for newly diagnosed patients who are not eligible for an autologous stem cell transplant. 

International Myeloma Foundation

Revlimid is very effective, but at what costs to the patient and their family? Financial...

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Getting Financial Help With Drug Costs

by GregP_WN

How to pay for cancer treatment? You've been diagnosed with cancer, the plan of treatment has been determined, it includes a new drug that has shown great promise for stopping your type of cancer. All you need is $57,000.00 per treatment, and you will need twelve. No problem, right? Here are some tips and resources for getting financial help with drug costs.

Getting Help With The High Costs Of Chemo Drugs

If you have been dealing with cancer treatment costs for any time at all you have undoubtedly realized that this is probably going to...

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How to Talk to Your Insurance Company About Your Cancer Claims

by GregP_WN

WhatNexters often feel that a lot of financial aspects of cancer go way over their heads. Even if a patient has health insurance, there can be anxiety when dealing with paying for treatment and insurance coverage. WhatNexters recommend taking a deep breath, staying calm, and doing your homework to find resources to help sort through the challenges.

How To Talk To The Insurance Company About Your Cancer Claims

Below are some common problems that WhatNexters have faced with their insurance situations. See what other WhatNexters had to say:


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How to Hold a Fundraiser for Cancer-Tips for Success

by Heather Erickson

Cancer can take a terrible toll on a family’s finances. One way of lightening the load is to hold a fundraiser or “benefit.” I’m often asked about ideas for raising finances for a cancer patient. I thought I’d share not only those ideas but our personal experience as, well.

Erickson Family

Do you have the Support?

The biggest key to success is support. When choosing a benefit, consider whether or not you can get people to participate. People are more likely to participate if they have a personal interest in...

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How to Apply for Social Security Disability with Cancer

by GregP_WN

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees two forms of disability benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Both programs were designed to help people in need. 

How To Apply For Social Security Disability With Cancer

Various Kinds of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be a traumatic experience, so your emotional and mental health should be given consideration...

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What's the Senate Doing With Healthcare?

by Ask Hilbert

Since the U.S. House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act on May 4, Senate Republicans have been working on their version of a bill to revise Obamacare; the Democrats are shut out from this process. (For our previous analysis of the CBO score of the House bill, see here)

Senate Healthcare Bill

While the recent turmoil surrounding former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony captured almost all of Washington’s attention, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used a Senate rule to allow the healthcare...

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Free Services For Cancer Patients

by Brian English

The high cost of cancer treatment is legendary. But as word of the incredible financial burden of fighting this disease has spread, more and more organizations have popped up to donate services to cancer patients to help ease some of the costs. Many of these services are 100% free for cancer patients, and offer everything from airfare to spa treatments.

Free Services For Cancer Patients


Some of these services are disease or gender specific, but this list should provide a great head start for finding volunteer...

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