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Don't Let Worry Rob You of Peace of Mind

by Jane Ashley

WORRY – it’s something that almost all cancer patients and survivors do. What exactly is worry? Depending on the dictionary, here are some definitions:

Don't Worry About Tomorrow

To torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts.
• A state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.
• Give way to anxiety or unease; allow one's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles.
• A strong feeling of anxiety.
• A troubled state of mind.

Worry is not something new

We are not alone. When we look at...

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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

by Jane Ashley

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Approximately 13, 240 cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed annually in the United States. Before the Pap smear, cervical cancer was a common cause of death in women. Pap smears have dramatically decreased the death rate from cervical cancer. 

Cervical Cancer Preventable

What is cervical cancer?

The cervix is the lower long, narrow part of a woman’s uterus. Cervical cancer begins slowly with abnormal cells appearing gradually. These abnormal cells are called dysplasia...

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Understanding Your Insurance Plan

by Jane Ashley

For many of us, we’ll have a new health insurance plan in 2019. Even if we stay with the same company, more than likely, there will be changes in our plan that will impact our finances and coverage. Whether we have health insurance through our employer, through the Affordable Healthcare Act, Medicare/Medicare Advantage or Medicaid, the plans are complex and impact our cash expenditures.

So Many Choices

Between now and January 1st, it’s a good idea to look at the details of our 2019 health insurance plan...

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Cancer Patients After The Mid-Term Elections

by Jane Ashley

How Will We Be Affected?

 Health Insurance

The mid-term elections are finally behind us. Regardless of which political party we supported, those of here on share a common thread – either we have cancer or a loved one has cancer. That is the tie that binds the WhatNext family together.
Exit polls showed that 4 out of every 10 voters felt that healthcare was the #1 issue facing the United States. Seven out of 10 believed that our healthcare system needs to be reformed.

The Democrats now...

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Questions to Ask at Your First Oncologists Appointment

by GregP_WN

When you're diagnosed with cancer you may experience what some people describe as a "blacked out" type of sensation. You are looking at the doctor, he's explaining what you have, and maybe even going through the steps that are to come next, but you are not hearing it, or cannot remember what the doctor said. 

Questions For Doctor

This is why it's a good idea to have someone with you when you go to all office visits. Your partner can help remember, take notes, and ask questions that you have thought about...

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Don't Skip Halloween Because You're Bald

by Jane Ashley

Just because we have cancer doesn’t mean that we aren’t supposed to have fun. Sometimes, the best medicine is LAUGHTER – Halloween is a great reason to embrace your bald head. Whether male or female, you can bring smiles to everyone.

Henna Crown Pinterest

Here are some ideas for Chemo Week or Halloween night Trick-or-Treat.

Get a Henna Tattoo.

Henna tattoos are an ancient art form that has come full circle to help women who have lost their hair from chemotherapy feel beautiful again. The tattoos are done with a...

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Low Platelets - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

by Jane Ashley

Nothing is more frustrating to hear on the morning of chemo than, “No chemo for you today. Your platelet count is too low.” The chemo that we once feared has become our friend. We want our chemo because we’re afraid for it to even be delayed for a week. We realize that chemo is our best hope to beat this.

Low Platelets

But now, our oncologist is telling us that we can’t have chemo today. So we’re wondering, “What are platelets? Why are they so important that I can’t have chemo if there are low?”

What are...

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Cancer and the Americans With Disabilities Act

by Jane Ashley

When we’re diagnosed with cancer, one of our first questions may be, “Will I still be able to work?” Why is that one of the most commonly asked questions?

Ada Logo

We may be the primary breadwinner of the family. Our health insurance is probably through our employer. Your health insurance may cover the rest of your family – what about if something happens to them too? And even with a two-income family, it’s difficult to cover medical copays with when most of the family budget is already tight.

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Legal Documents and Paperwork Cancer Patients Need to Complete

by Jane Ashley

One of the last tasks that most cancer patients are thinking about is getting their legal and financial documents updated. But it is a prudent and wise task to put behind you … just in case.

Update Legal Documents

Having critical legal documents prepared or updated brings peace of mind to you, your spouse/partner and your family. It’s a sobering reminder, but trust me – you’ll feel much better once you get this done.

When I was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, I suggested to my husband that we should have my will...

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Everything Happens For a Reason? Even Cancer?

by Jane Ashley

It happens to almost every person diagnosed with cancer. And it happens to most people who experience a tragedy in their life. What is it?

People Say Everything Happens For A Reason Meme

Someone says, “Things happen for a reason.”

So, exactly what do they mean by that comment? Do you mean that I deserve this diagnosis? Is this diagnosis to teach me a lesson? Do you mean that I did something that caused this to happen? Do you mean that I need to grow in wisdom?

They might even utter this thought in slightly different words:

• “Everything...

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