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World Lung Cancer Day - August 1st, 2018

by Jane Ashley

August 1, 2018, is World Lung Cancer Day. Lung cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers worldwide. Sadly, lung cancer accounts for more deaths than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. Approximately 1.2 million people die worldwide from lung cancer.

World Lung Cancer Day

Statistics in the United States

About 14 percent of cancers diagnosed in the U.S. are lung cancer. That’s almost 235,000 people in 2018 with slightly more men diagnosed than women (almost 122,000 men and over 112,000...

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Diagnosed With Stage IV NSCLC, But Still Bathing By Myself!

by Marven "Biga17133"

Our guest blog post today is from Marven, "Biga17133". He is a stage IV, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patient that was given no chances of survival. Diagnosed with an inoperable tumor involved in most of his lung, he wasn't given any real hope. But as he will tell you, he's still fighting it, kicking it, and still taking a bath by himself. That's looking at the positive side of everything! This is his journey in his own words. Editor


My name is Marven but some call me Allen which is my middle...

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I'm a Mother, Wife, and Lung Cancer Survivor

by Sharon McBride

Our Guest Blog Post today is from "CheryNCP" She is a Mother, Grandmother, Wife, career woman, and a lung cancer survivor, as well as an active member of WhatNext. This is her story.


My name is Sharon McBride but all my friends call me Sam. I am a 66-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother. I live in Mobile, Alabama with my husband Bob and our two cats Grayson and Shadow. I worked in the medical field nearly my entire working life in one capacity or another. I was working part-time as an...

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November Cancer Awareness Month

by GregP_WN

Great American Smokeout (Always the third Thursday in November: November 16)*
Lung Cancer Awareness Month
National Family Caregiver Month
Neuroendocrine Tumor Day (November 10)
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Great American Smokeout   Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Net Cancer Day Caregivers (1)

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the number one killer of women in the US killing more than breast cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer combined. It is overlooked as the number one killer and overshadowed by breast cancer and the publicity that breast...

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A Lung Cancer Journey

by "Cards7Up"

Our Blog Post today is from WhatNexter "Cards7Up", she is a Stage IIIA lung cancer survivor and has been through quite a journey. She shares her story of fighting with determination while being her own advocate for quality care.  

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I was originally diagnosed with NSCLC (non small cell lung cancer) adenocarcinoma, stage IIIA in July 2010. At that time, two tumors were found, one in upper and lower right lobes. I knew about LC as my Mom had passed almost one year previously to the day I...

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November Cancer Awareness

by GregP_WN

In the month of November we recognize the following cancers and these events:

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

There are three main types of lung cancer. Knowing which type you have is important because it affects your treatment options and your outlook (prognosis). If you aren’t sure which type of lung cancer you have, ask your doctor so you can get the right information.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

This is the most common type of lung cancer. About 85% of lung cancers are non-small cell lung cancers. Squamous...

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3 Tips for Comprehensive Lung Health

by Brook Spencer

When it comes to lung health, there are many factors that can attribute to complications like cancer. Unfortunately, some of these are out of your control. However, many lung conditions can be avoided and controlled to some extent. It’s best to take all possible steps to prevent poor lung health!

3 Tips For Comprehensive Lung Health

Improve Indoor Air Quality

While seemingly safe, your home can contain lots of possible toxins that can lead to poor lung health. As a best practice, look out for the following in your home:


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5 Common Types of Cancer and Specific Symptoms to be Aware Of

by Brittany McNabb

Many people worry, "Could this be cancer?" There are many common symptoms that could be cancer and signs that people might want to be aware of. Prevention and early detection of cancer can be important to your health. According to the American Cancer Society some cancers can be found early and therefore treated before they have time to spread and grow.

Waring Signs Of Cancer

Keep in mind that not all these things can mean cancer. If you are worried about any symptoms or signs that might be cancer, please contact...

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7 Things to Known Before a Lung Lobectomy

by Brittany McNabb

A lung lobectomy is a treatment of lung cancer and is typically performed on patients with cases of lung cancer that have not spread to other parts of the body. Tumor size, type, and location are major factors of whether a lobectomy or lung surgery is the appropriate plan of action. During a lung lobectomy, the part of the lung with cancer cells is surgically removed. 

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If a lung lobectomy is a part of your treatment plan, here are some things WhatNexters wish they had known before...

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Coping With Metastatic Cancer

by Brittany McNabb

Coping with metastatic cancer, advanced cancer, and cancer recurrence can be especially intimidating because patients are left to wonder "Is my cancer spreading?" and "How do I cope emotionally with metastatic cancer?" 

Cancer Cells

Here are some answers to questions about metastatic cancer, and some suggestions on how to cope. 

What is metastatic cancer?

Metastatic cancer is cancer that has spread from the initial site to other parts of the body. Cancer cells can metastasize away from...

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