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Is The High Cost of Revlimid Too High For Multiple Myeloma Patients?

by Jane Ashley

We all know that cancer care is expensive. We see our individual bills for our type of cancer, and most of us struggle to pay it. But multiple myeloma patients are now facing a financial crisis with the cost of Revlimid, an oral medication used as a maintenance drug after an autologous stem cell transplant or for newly diagnosed patients who are not eligible for an autologous stem cell transplant. 

International Myeloma Foundation

Revlimid is very effective, but at what costs to the patient and their family? Financial...

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Multiple Myeloma and The Skyrocketing Costs of Treatment

by Jane Ashley

Many multiple myeloma patients experience long periods of remission, but virtually every patient will experience a relapse. The good news is the newer therapies offer effective for patients who relapse. The downside is the cost and how patients can afford the life-saving new therapies.

Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma has one of the highest costs per patient. Although only about 1 percent of all cancer patients have multiple myeloma, the cost of treatment over the course of time is inexplicably higher than...

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March Cancer Awareness Events

by GregP_WN

March has Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month, Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Lymphedema Awareness Month, International Women's Day, Kick Butts Day and Anal Cancer Awareness Day.

Click the links below each for more information.

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For more information about Colorectal-Colon cancer

 Guide to Colorectal Cancer from

Colorectal Cancer Experiences Page at WhatNext


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Are You a Guardian Angel?

by GregP_WN

We recently posted a truly inspirational story about Jim Bond, (Patient 007) and his wife, Kathleen. In the story we learned that Jim is battling multiple myeloma—truly battling. He’s participated in clinical trials, shared his experience with patients, health care providers, and the general public, to raise awareness about MM. If anyone deserved a guardian angel, it was Jim

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In 2012, he was at a cross-road in his treatment. His oncologist determined he needed to be matched with a donor for...

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6 Apps to Help Manage Multiple Myeloma

by Blake Hoffmeyer

When Multiple Myeloma starts to impact your life, there are some great technological advantages that can help you with your day-to-day. Many WhatNexters in our Multiple Myeloma community have noted certain ones that really have made a difference in their daily lives for the little setbacks that the disease can cause. Here are a few of their favorites:


1. Waze & Google Maps

For patients living from Multiple Myeloma, there are many ways that memory can be impaired. People use these apps...

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3 Frustrating Things about Living with Multiple Myeloma

by Blake Hoffmeyer

When faced with a disease like Multiple Myeloma, several things come up that can be incredibly frustrating. It can be very helpful for family and friends to be aware of what those who live with Multiple Myeloma have to endure. For starters:

3 Frustrating Things

1. People don’t know what Multiple Myeloma is

Multiple Myeloma is very rare in the population. This means that a lot of people don't know what a diagnosis entails, much less any of the treatment methodology. Often, because it sounds like other diseases,...

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5 Ways Multiple Myeloma Changes your Life

by Blake Hoffmeyer

Multiple Myeloma often times has an enormous impact on the patient’s life. Being prepared can help you to navigate the troubled waters. Here are some things that WhatNexters have experienced:

Changes Mm

1) The Treatment is Involving

In cases of Multiple Myeloma, treatment is different from case to case. Almost every element, though, requires a significant change in lifestyle. One of the best examples of this comes from Autologous Stem Cell Transplants. In this, a patient will have chemical radiation...

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