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The Hidden Side Effects of Radiation

by GregP_WN

Radiation is a standard part of treatment for a large group of cancer types. Sometimes combined with chemotherapy, sometimes used on its own, and even sometimes with a mixture of other traditional treatments, surgery, and drugs. There are several hidden side effects that you may or may not be told to expect. Some of them show up quickly, but many wait years to show up. Some can be life threatening. 

Radiation Mask

You will find many people that say radiation was much easier to take than chemotherapy...

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24 Survivor's Tips to Better Handle Chemo and Radiation

by GregP_WN

You have been given the three-word sentence that none of us ever wants to hear... YOU HAVE CANCER! For many of us, your head is spinning and you may not even be able to hear anything else that the Dr. tells you after that. The information starts coming at you like water out of a hose drowning you in the face. 

24 Ways Tips To Better Handle Chemo And Radiation

They will tell you the type of cancer, the location, eventually, they will tell you the stage, and maybe a plan of treatment. One common part of treatment is chemotherapy. There...

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Non-Invasive Breast Brachytherapy (NIBB)

by GregP_WN

If you're a breast cancer patient, you may have heard of or even had Non-Invasive Breast Brachytherapy, or (NIBB) as a part of your treatment. While it's not as widely used as conventional radiation therapy, it is gaining recognition and being used more often. More than 50 facilities are using this procedure that has been used for over 10 years. 


Benefits of this type of treatment over traditional radiation therapy include:

* It provides targeted, measured, therapeutic doses is...

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What to Expect From Cancer Treatments

by GregP_WN

A cancer diagnosis can cause a whirlwind of questions and emotions. Often the specifics of the road ahead are unknown. Many WhatNexters agree that it felt easier once they found out more, got familiar with treatment plans, and found ways to stay positive and cope in their everyday life. 

What To Expect From Cancer Treatments

“I took it one thing at a time. I keep thinking each procedure, each treatment, is one more step towards recovery and that keeps me moving forward.” -- Beannie, Breast Cancer, Stage I


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Radiation Therapy: What's it Like?

by Brian English

Part I of our "What's it Like" series

Obviously, the Internet is often the first stop for any new patient seeking information on what life with cancer is all about. But at WhatNext, we feel that our community offers what many online sites don’t: valuable personal experience from real cancer patients. Sure, sites like can offer a comprehensive and dispassionate breakdown of various cancer topics. But WhatNexter delivers straight talk from the patients who’ve lived it.

Radiation, What's It Like

In our What’s...

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Radiation - How it Can Affect Your Body

by GregP_WN

Our Blog Post today is part of a series of experiences submitted by WhatNexter "CJGriggs1", about radiation and its side effects.

Radiation How It Can Affect Your Body

Radiation therapy is a local treatment. Therefore, it only affects the area of the body where the tumor is located. For example, people do not usually lose their hair from having radiation therapy. This is only true if the radiation is not aimed at a part of the body that grows hair, such as the scalp. 

Johnny Blue Laster Targeting Radiation Mask

Skin problems - Many people who receive radiation...

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Chemo Vs. Radiation - The Pros and Cons

by GregP_WN

When you are given that diagnosis of Cancer, one of  the first things that might come to your mind is one or both of the most common forms of treating it, chemotherapy and radiation. You have probably heard all of the horror stories about each of them, ask 100 people that have never had either and you will probably get 100 different stories, and maybe a few of them will have some fact in them. 

Chemo Vs. Radiation


But ask 100 people that have had both types of treatment and they will give you...

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Fighting Cancer From the Other Side

by GregP_WN

I am battling cancer from the other side. I am not a patient. I am a radiation therapist. My career is dedicated to treating cancer. Some may say that I don’t understand what people with cancer are going through. That is true. I have never had cancer. I have never been on the cold table alone in the treatment room as radiation has been delivered. I have never felt the radiation burn

Mlzjlll Radiation Mask

But I do know my patient Barbara, this is the second time she is having radiation. At her 6 month...

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Cancer Treatment - My Cancer, My Choice

by GregP_WN

Cancer brings with it endless decisions like when to start treatment, what treatment to start, and sometimes when to stop treatment. One WhatNexter, StegalMan, posed this question to the community: When do you decide it’s time to give up? And in true WhatNexter fashion, he received many thoughtful responses. And even though everyone has a unique point of view, there were some common thoughts we kept hearing. 

I'll Be Here For You

1. It’s a personal choice.

The decision to stop treatment is never...

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What to Expect during Radiation Therapy

by Brittany McNabb

Radiation therapy is a common cancer treatment for people with cancer. There are two main types of radiation: external radiation (stereotatic radiation and proton beam) and internal radiation. To learn more about different types of radiation visit the American Cancer Society's guide on Understanding Radiation Therapy.

Johnny Blue Radiation Room

[Johnnyblue in his radiation room.]

Many do not know what to expect at radiation until they are in the radiation room, possibly overwhelmed with machinery and questions....

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