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2X Cancer Survivor, College Graduate, Before Age 26

by GregP_WN

Sara Bedard is a 26-year-old young Lady, a 2X cancer survivor, and a college graduate. The inspiring part about this is that she didn't know if she could survive cancer, much less be able to graduate College while in treatment. She is our WhatNexter of the Week, and this is her story. 

Sara After Surgery

Just a few years ago cancer was something I never expected would play a huge part in my life and boy was I wrong. In 2015 my mother passed away from Ovarian cancer. At the time, I was working a part-time...

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Cardiac Arrest to Stage IV Colon Cancer: Still a Survivor!

by GregP_WN

Meet our WhatNexter of the Week, William Sams, in this picture, he has just survived cardiac arrest, being shocked back to life 3 times and having had an Automatic Installed Cardiac Defibrillator (AICD) implanted. he is with his Wife and kids, happy to have survived such an ordeal. Little did he know that this wasn't going to be the hardest fight of his life. 

William Sams After Cadiac Arrest

William, his Wife and kids in the hospital after having had surgery for the implant

William had served almost 14...

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A WhatNexter's Fight - Colon Cancer - Still Standing After Surgery, Chemo, Radiation

by GregP_WN

WhatNexter of The Week RobieFlores' Story 

Hi, my name is Robert Anthony Flores, but you can call me Robbie. In December of 2011 I told my primary Dr. that I thought I had a hemorrhoid , I had blood in my stool, and that I also had a cyst on my bottom left buttock. I'm a meat cutter, and I had no obvious symptoms. No lack of appetite, no fatigue. 

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So my Dr. attempted to remove my cyst , he tried for two hours took out what he could and sewed me up. 10 days later I go...

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The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors - New Beginnings

by GregP_WN

Our Blog Post today is from WhatNexter Bill Aron. He is a prostate cancer survivor, photographer and author of New Beginnings - The Triumphs of 120 Cancer Survivors is an extremely inspirational book that takes a look at 120 people that have faced cancer. Read how Bill fought off prostate cancer and why he decided to put together this book of inspirational cancer fighters from all over the US. 

Bill Aron S

Bill Aron

I was diagnosed with early onset prostate cancer in 1993. There was no Internet...

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