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The Top 5 Reasons I Was Late for Work During Cancer Treatment

by GregP_WN

Any cancer patient knows that if you're counting on things being done right on schedule, you should probably look for something other than cancer treatments, appointments, procedures, etc. So these are the Top 5 reasons I have been late to work. I bet you can relate.....

1) The Radiation Machine was broken......again. How many times have you arrived at the center only to be told, "sorry, the machine is down, we will reschedule you asap"?

Out Of Order Radiation


2) I arrived for my 8AM appointment with my...

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15 Ways to Battle Metallic Taste from Chemo

by bnmcnabb

Ways To Battle Metallic Taste From Chemo

When going through chemo, many WhatNexters notice a bad metallic taste in their mouth. Changes in taste, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy, can result in aversions to certain foods and loss of appetite. Different solutions to fight that nasty metal taste may work for different people, but here are some common ways that seem to work for WhatNexters while going through chemo.

1. Spicy Foods

Spicy Foods For Metallic Taste


Try eating foods that are more on the spicy side. The enhanced spices...

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WhatNext Ultimate Chemo Playlist Vol. 2

by GregP_WN


 When you hear a song it takes you back to where you were when it first came out. Some songs take you to good times, others take you to bad times. Music inspires, soothes, invigorates and can just get under your skin in ways indescribable. Listening to music helps pass the time, and can s  oothe the nerves and calm you down to make treatment go easier. Here is another installment of our WhatNext Ultimate Chemo Playlist. Share your favorite tunes for getting you through...

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Dealing with Hair Loss and Cancer

by Karen Glowacki

BaldwomenHair loss resulting from chemo is traumatic for most women and men. From itchy scalps to wigs and scarves, it's hard to figure out what will make you feel most comfortable as you deal with the loss of your hair...and not being sure exactly how your hair will look when it does return. To get some insight from those who have been through it, we asked the WhatNext network how they dealt with their hair loss. Here's what they had to say:

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